Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist episode 5: the voice of a killmoulis

makai ouji turban


There have been weird voices heard around the college, and William is asked by the Head’s son to investigate the cause of this. After searching around, him and Isaac find that the weird voice is in fact one of a killmoulis who cannot grind grain anymore, which would result in his death. Twining and Isaac send him to India so that he can grind spices to his heart’s content, and the episode ends happily.


I’m done with this. I kept writing for the sake of pretty characters, but now even those are starting to annoy me; this show is just not my style.

I do believe that, for its target audience, it might be really popular in Japan – I’m sure 10 year old girls will love this show. As for us teens/adults, well, I guess we can just be better off not watching this.

I was honestly bored this episode. The jokes were so childish, as was the plot, and I barely laughed throughout the whole thing. I hadn’t realized that this show was truly for a younger audience up until this episode, to be honest; I thought it was just a bad show targetting teenage girls, but I guess even that was over-estimating the show. I guess this week’s episode opened my eyes… I’m done with this show, I can’t stand it anymore.

makai ouji killmoulisI guess a few things did entertain me, though. By a few, I really don’t mean much, but hey, it’s better than nothing. I really liked the killmoulis in general, for his story, for how cute he was, and for the indian turban he had on his head at the end of the episode – mostly for the indian turban he had on his head at the end of the episode. Another thing I thought was pretty funny was Sytry’s interesting sense of humour; he just pulls out the randomest things about his followers and how he abuses everyone, in such an inexpresive way that I could only laugh. He helped me get through the episode, I guess.

makai ouji isaac scaredy catEnough good things said; let’s rant some more. About Isaac. Who was so god damn annoying this episode with his stupid whining. I thought he was pretty funny last episode, but I guess I was wrong yet again, he just turned into a whiny coward who does nothing but whine. Twining wasn’t much better either; when he pulled a jealousy fit because he couldn’t get acknowledged by the Headmaster, my already-too-low respect for him went even lower… I haven’t seen Twining do many things that would make him worthy of a main character so far… All he does is get good grades, complain that Demons are just atoms and then get saved by said demons.

Bleegghhh…. I don’t even feel like ranting anymore. This is just bad. Blegh. I’m done.

I don't even care who this person is.

I don’t even care who this person is.

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