Manyuu Hikenchou episode 1: [First Impression]

Big Tits are the center of the world in this anime, if you can stand sexual reference and incredible amount of stupidity, this is the anime for you !

This show is simply hilarious. It is so bad, so terribly bad, that it makes it hilarious. It remains me so much of Queen’s Blade. It has a story fit for a hentai, but for some reason they decided to made an anime of it instead. The subject of the anime is all about big tits, there is no “subtle meaning”, no “between the line perverted idea”. Everything is straight to the face, you remove the great bar of naughtiness that appears and this becomes an instead hentai. To be honest I would rather watch the show as an hentai than an anime, since those big censor bar are really really big. It doesn’t only keeps you from seeing specific part of the female anatomy, it takes half the screen and censor everything that is going on.


So, what is the story about? Oh ya right, girls cut down people boobs to get bigger boobs. Also touching your boobs makes them bigger. Also the main character now has double F or something. I’m surprise she can even still walk around with those enormous monsters. Also for some reason their boobs sometimes looks so disgusting, I don’t know what is wrong with them, but it looks like they are horribly deformed.


What really bothers me with the show is those huge censor-bar. I know that their boobs are gigantic, but I’m sure they could take up less than half the screen if you tried. Also why is there this giant censor-bar when there is no nudity involved? sometimes there will be this huge obstruction on the screen that hides clothed boobs. Is there a nip-slip or something? If there was, it might be a good idea not to include them, since anyway we see more when there is no nudity than when there is.


If I cover this show, it will most likely be just for shit and giggles. Don’t expect me to make full review of this show, but it will be interesting to see how far I can watch this and still find it funny and at what point the show will drive me insane. If no one else on here wants to cover it, I will do it, if only to post pic of naked girls. But this won’t be my priority for blogging. Don’t get fooled people, this show sucks and it will only be good if you are really desperate for fap material, or if you love shows that sucks so much.


Possibility of Blogging: Maybe

Possibility of Watching: Maybe


ZeroG signing off

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