Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 1 First Impression: Demonic Contract

demon king

I love how this show misleads you completely with its opening narration as to the nature of it. I was expecting some kind of serious adventure fantasy from the way things were starting off, and I was not expecting a romantic ecchi comedy, but I sure love the way this is looking. I wouldn’t be surprised if the show turned into a harem either, the only question I have left is on how revealing the show will be.

demon king crest

This episode we already got a lot of boobs, but they were always covered. I really hope to have a real ecchi soon, after all last season had little to offer in terms of “male entertainment”. You can already tell by the looks of thing that this show is aimed for a male audience, the show has a super generic protagonist that could look like the hero of any show, video game or fictional book, and meanwhile the girl is a smoking hot demon with double Ds.


The opening of the show was really generic and so was the ending; I don’t expect to see any awards going to those. The art of the show is kind of original with the way the backgrounds are done, but it gave me a headache more than anything else. The scene where the hero party members were revealed the camera was turning so much with the weird background that I was close to having an epileptic breakdown. I just hope they won’t use those kinds of effects too much; I barely got to see the hero’s companions because of it.

party 2

One thing I was certainly not expecting from this show is the humour. I was really expecting a serious fantasy adventure and then I saw a Demon King, who’s actually a girl, and who wishes to go out with the hero who came to kill her. In the end, no battle ever happens, and instead we are served with a lot of boobs and awkward hugs and memories.  Maybe it’s because I don’t watch enough romantic comedies, but it cracked me up when I saw the Demon King criticize her flabby arm and when she was caught with her memories of making out with a replica of the hero.

flabby arm

Here is another interesting feature of the anime: both main characters have generic names, and I don’t mean that in a bad way. The hero of the story is named Hero and the Demon Queen is called Demon King (just to mess with my head). I really hope that in the future the Demon King will have a more girlish name because I have some trouble associated a DD owner with a king…unless it is Jabba the Hut.

boob king

I’m looking forward to blogging this show throughout the season, we’ll see just how good it will become: if it will go more towards the adventure or the ecchi side of things…I hope for the ecchi side personally…I think I need help.

ZeroGhj signing off

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