Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 10: Wheat War

wheat crisis

After the grandiose speech of last week it seems that things have only gone for the worse for the Winter Country. It seems that while words can convert the heart of anyone if deep enough, words also have but a limited reach. This episode they barely escaped a war by changing religion, but the alliance plan, while fantastic (I’ll talk more about it later on), created an even greater cause for conflict between the two nations and this time, it is inevitable.


I absolutely love the devilish plan of the head merchant. I’m a sucker for the economy and anything related to it and therefore it was really awesome to follow his thoughts on how he planned to take over the market for wheat. It is incredible what power money can has if you know how to use it and if you have a lot of it. The alliance owns richest beyond what anyone could imagine, they are wealthier than a nation and if that economic conglomerate decides that something suddenly becomes rare and expensive, it will. Now the wheat is worth a fortune and the wheat is at the very center of the villagers diet. With the new ideas of independence and freedom for the Serf, this might very well lead the Central Kingdom into a civil war. Although before that inner conflict happens, the sudden tariff of the Northern Kingdom have created a different kind of war. This war was all the part of the Alliance plan it is amazing to think that the stability of the world can be offset by a group of merchants.

wheat trade

Now that the war is on the way the Hero wants to wage it without a single casualties. I don’t really understand what he plans to do after that break in the war, is he simply hoping for the Demon King to come back and take the lead? Does he have a plan for what comes after that? To ask the king to take such a huge risk he better have something up his sleeve or he is simply risking the life of everyone in the country for nothing. I have very little hope in the capabilities of the hero to make sane decision and to plan ahead. Usually he can ends up making some great choice, but only when the decision is something immediate. Whenever some kind of plan needs to be made he never fails to disappoint.

hero's request

Meanwhile, while the Hero is having a whole lot of trouble in the human world, we are now learning exactly what the Demon King is going through. That intelligent woman is now having her mind altered by the hundreds of Demon King before her. Now I can understand perfectly why she asked the Hero to kill her if anything ever happened. Although I highly doubt that the Demon King would be changed (her love relationship is only beginning after all) I’m still afraid that her super decisionary power might fall short when she does come back. I wish for her to remain the way she was, she was by far the most intelligent and kind character I’ve seen in a long while.

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