Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 11: World Segregation

wide lightning array

I was not expecting for everything to go so wrong in this show, or at least I didn’t expect it to go wrong in that way. I was expecting for the Demon King to successfully complete his trial with little problem and I though that the war would be the cause for much issues. Turns out that it was completely the other way around. The mage and the knight are powerful enough to single-handedly take care of both front and meanwhile the student of the Demon King were able to defend the Iron Country, leaving the White Night country at a complete loss.

king of white night

I’m quite surprised to see that the Iron Country were able to set such a strong counter offensive after they were the victim of such a sneaky counter attack. It is funny what education can do and how it can change the outcome of everything, even something as barbarian as a war. It is really nice to see all the student of the scholar and to know that even though they were just a bunch of ordinary nobles from a far off land they manage to become such important figure simply because of the influence and transfer or knowledge of the people they were in contact with.

super spell

While the Iron Country is under attack and that the Winter Kingdom is making sure that no war happens on any front, the Alliance is busy making a lot of profit and in the near future they might become insanely rich. The demon realm is a huge market that, if opened to the alliance, will generate revenues like never before. Unfortunately, it seems like the big trade opportunity that the alliance saw might turn to be an investment down the drain, because there was but a single opening to the demonic realm and the hero just shut it down moments ago. Will the merchant still be able to get there by other means? will they be able to reach the other side as easily as the Hero did? simply by jumping down the hole to arrive to the other side? Or are the trade routes now completely broken and the alliance will be completely cockblock, therefore ruining any chance of peaceful trade to start existing between humans and demons? I’m eager to see the next episode to know more about that situation.

princess of demonia

Another thing, or should I say the main reason, why I want to see the next episode is because obviously the situation with the Demon King is quite worrisome right now. I never expected her to be this corrupted when she would emerge from her trial and now she has ripped off the arm of the head maid. I’m confident that the hero will be able to defeat her, this is not what worries me, what worries me is that the objective here is not to kill her but to let her gain back her sanity. How will the hero manage that is something I’m most curious about, surely their journey won’t end just yet and they have more time together. At least enough time for the Hero to stop being a helpless virgin I hope !

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