Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 12 [Final]: Welcome back Maoyuu Maou

maoyuu maou yuusha

I wish this wasn’t the final episode of Maou Maoyuu Yuusha, this show was so seinen and interesting, it was so peaceful and relaxing to listen to. Only 12 episodes wasn’t nearly enough to make justice to this fantastic universe and story. I guess that at the very least the show did manage to accomplish his goal, now I really want to read the manga.

mage and king

The universe of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is vast and rich and their characters are all deep and likeable, nearly makes me want to live there. I still want to continue living in that universe, especially since this ending doesn’t feel much like an ending at all, we are merely at a break in the story, right after a war and right before the next one. It just seems like this show could have easily had 24 episodes and I wouldn’t have been bored in the slightest. The show has so much content and the story progress so fast that it is difficult to grow bored of it.


The war between the central nation and the southern nation is simply at a standstill and meanwhile the entire demon world is ready for a full-scale war against the human. The Demon King and the Hero might have done so great work improving the human world, but they haven’t done much in the demon realm during that time. No surprised that the humans are starting to have friendlier relationship with the demons but that the demon are still in their old savage ways of warfare.

The episode was as much a conclusion as it could have been the beginning for a new arc, it really saddens me that the show is already over I was ready for so much more adventure and to finally see the Hero and the Demon king be happy together. Now it seems that their relationship will never have the time to improve, especially considering everything that still has to be done in both world.

god magic

One thing that intrigued me this episode was the super magical circles that the Mage found. I’m not sure what that place is meant for but it looks like it is extremely powerful and made by the Gods so I figure that it must be something important. Personally if I found some artifact of the Gods I would assume that it is quite important and I wouldn’t dare touch it before I was pretty sure of what it does and the consequence of my actions on it, but the Mage is a little bit on the crazy time so I would not even be surprised if she destroyed the whole world just by doing random stuff to it. It is kind of annoying that the show ends after revealing something like this, the same way they also just revealed that the church is actually working hand-in-hand with the demons.

church and demon

The good thing about this is that it seems that a second season will be on the way for Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. The open ending and the popularity of the manga make it quite reasonable to assume that the story won’t end just here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got the second season in a year or less from now.  Only thing left to do is crossing fingers and wait for it to happen.

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