Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 3: the Alliance


My apologies for the tardiness of this review, I somehow never got the time to get to Maoyuu Maou Yuusha this week and only recently I realized I had still not yet done a proper covering of the episode.

I’m always surprised how this show manage to balance between intellectualism and boobs. About two third of the episode was an intelligent discussion about the world and how it works and the last third was lover quarrel and boob grabbing competition. This episode we got to learn more about the companion of the hero, but that wasn’t what really caught my attention, what really caught my attention was the alliance.


An alliance of traders who control the majority of the human world, their power and wealth exceed those of the king and their influence are everywhere. It seems that the 3 biggest power of the human world have finally been revealed. The church has the monopoly on the education and research, the king has the power over the people, the armies and the territories and the alliance has the control of resources and wealth. If the Demon King wants to change the world, she’ll have to use those power to make it happen. She already got her hand on the church and now she created a more advanced compass to gain the favor of the alliance and gain the monetary power necessary to achieve her great plans.

hero demon king

I was kind of surprised that the alliance was introduced this episode with talk of assassination already on their lips, such drastic measure spoken on the very first day. I hope that good relationship will be possible with the alliance, after all the demon king is especially wise and she should be able to play their little game just fine without falling victim to their sinister plan.

demon queen

The second part of the episode which was central to the story was the reintroduction of the hero old party members. The Knight and the Mage have suddenly taken importance into the story, the knight is now a sister and she will now work closely with the demon king (how ironic) while the hero has set to find the Mage and bring her back to safety. I find it quite interesting that the demon king will stay in the human world and work with a priest while the hero will go to set thing straight in the demon world, they sure love to complicate things…at least the hero got a bad ass demonic armor now.

bad ass armor

After over 6 month of living in the same house the hero and the demon king have yet to do anything more than receiving a kiss on the forehead. I know that they are kept really busy and that everyone needs to go at his own pace, but there is a limit too. 6 month with such a big breasted dare devil and the hero still has yet to make a move, that guy is slower than I expected. Hopefully soon we’ll see some progress in their relationship and I personally hope the show stay as a romance more than a harem.

ZeroGhj signing off

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