Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 4: World without war

maoyuu maou yuusha alliance meeting

The hero has been away for the last 6 month in a quest to rescue the mage and it seems it is really starting to affect the Demon King a whole lot. She was usually such a busy women, always working and always with her know it all attitude, yet now she looked depressed all the time and she lost the energy she once had for her job. It seems that despise what the Hero thinks the Demon King needs him to be as awesome as she normally is, when he think he is doing nothing, he is actually the source of motivation for the Demon King to save both worlds.

maoyuu maou yuusha hero in armor

Meanwhile both the Hero and the Demon King were proposed to while the other was away. The Demon King was proposed by a handsome rich man and meanwhile the Hero was proposed by so many different type of sexual beast that it is surprising he didn’t fell to the temptation. I can understand that the Demon King is quite attractive, but those monsters were all screaming for sexual pleasure. Either way it is true that in the end the Hero is the one acting all shy and virgin here.  If it was not for his complete shyness him and the Demon King would have gotten in bed together eons ago. It seems that the head maid is the only reason their relationship even works in the first place, she is the one putting th unnecessary pressure on the Hero (and the necessary restrain on the Demon King). If it weren’t for her, I fear that their relationship would be even more complicated than it is now, the Demon King should be eternally grateful that she has such a dependable servant.

maoyuu maou yuusha proposed

Meanwhile in the more serious world of war and money, while the negotiation between the demon king and the alliance seemed to be going perfectly peacefully it was so close to turn into complete chaos and death out there. I was surprised to see that the Demon King had access to such a large army of ghost to protect herself from situation like those. It was the first time I realized that there was something akin to armed guard protecting her at all times. The negotiation itself was a little awkward too, it was funny to see the Demon King be so forward with her ideals and reasons to make such trades with the alliance. For some reason I thought that she would go about going into a fight with the human original organisation of power. After all most people who defend trying to save the world usually tries to destroy every organization to redistribute the power. In her case she uses the power in place to create this new perfect world without war. I really love the approach of this show, I’m not used seeing such utopia achieved without even more bloodshed and with so little conflict. Why fight the power in place if you can instead use it to help you?

maoyuu maou yuusha demon king depressed

I grow fonder of this show the more time goes by, I think by the end of the season I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself a complete fan of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha, it has the seriousness and approach needed to make me fall for it.

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