Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 5: Release the Kraken !



200 warship filled with thousands of lives were sunk before they even had a chance to reach the destination they aimed for. The North King even died during that assault, the amount of manpower and money wasted on that war was absolutely sickening. I have no idea what those people are thinking. I understand that politics and financial reason where there to back up this attack, but I believe it would have been a great empowering thing if they managed to take that island back. Yet now it seems that they wasted so much money and lives that all their little set-up was absolutely pointless. It seems that now the consequence of those foolish actions is that the North and South might lose some of their agreement. If the North is unable to win the next crusade, the human world political and economic stability might very well fall apart rapidly. This is why the Demon King now has to go to the battlefield to make sure the next assault with the new King of the North ! *cough* will be successful.


Meanwhile the Hero has been plenty busy cleaning up the demon world, Gate city is one of the only city in the demonic realm that was conquered by human and I must say that the humans are not any less evil than the demon they hate so much. From rape, slavery or simply being general jerk, it seems that things aren’t going so well in Gate. I’m not really certain how the Hero plans on cleaning up that city, the guy isn’t really the smartest one around, but he definitively is the strongest one, yet he plans on using wits instead of brawl to solve the problem and I am most interested to see just how this will happen.

bad ass time

It is kind of weird when you think about it that the Hero is that powerful while a whole army was destroyed just minutes ago. I’m not really surprised anymore that the human sent a lonely soldier to defeat the demon king considering that lone Hero might be stronger than any troop the human might have. At first I was under the impression that the Hero fought only using his swords, but this episode we found out that he masters magic just as well as sword play.

slave girl

Meanwhile on the romance side of things, I like where things are going. It was a bit weird to have both of them be so far apart for so long. It has been over a year since they last laid eyes on one another. I’m surprised they could even manage to resist kissing right away after not seeing each other for so long. I have trouble being away from my girlfriend for more than a week and they managed to do it for a whole year even though Hero could have come back at any time by teleporting. They say that love fades with distance and time, but in their case I believe that their love actually grew stronger. I’m looking forward already to the next time they will meet.


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