Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 6: Conquering the Conqueror

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How weird is it that the Queen of the demonic realm is fighting alongside the human to take back the territory she ordered her soldier to take? It is such a wondrously hilarious plan to have the demon take care of the human side and have the hero take care of the demonic side. Have the two army conquering army fight off each other. The human had one city in the demonic realm and the demon one in the human realm. Now they are simply exchanging those city of hands.


Although I must say that Gate city has definitively become a much more pleasant place now that every soldier have been chased off. I never expected that the hero objective would be something like that, then again I’m not surprised by it one bit. I know that what the city has become is exactly what he always wanted to achieve, a land of peace and cooperation between the two nations, but I never expected that he would manage to do so so easily. He only had to request the help of some monstrously creepy fairies who likes to take order from the hero for some reason. I must admit that I’m kind of curious how the hero managed to get the help of fairies, I’m not really sure what kind of past relationship he could of have with them, but I doubt they are the kind of creature who just helps anyone who approach them. Maybe they simply followed him for the cause he was fighting for? who knows !


While the Hero had fun scaring away humans, the Demon King was busy slaying her own people. It must be something to betray the people you are supposed to rule and protect, even if it is for the greater good. She had to see thousands of her bravest and strongest soldier slain by her own tactics. She sure is a great strategist and with the help of the formidable tactician that is the knight, they easily managed to win back their island. At least that victory wasn’t for nothing, now the Demon King has full power and authority with the kind, the alliance AND the church. She now has the power she always wanted to take over her plan. I’m just curious now if the struggle between the demons and the humans won’t turn to an internal struggle on both sides. The demons need a King to rule them, and now that King is gone for quite a while, meanwhile the human world will come into conflict pretty soon, after all now that the North nation have regain control of their island they won’t need the help of the central nation anymore and since their relationship isn’t necessary anymore they could easily become foes once again.

Flying Shark !

Flying Shark !

I’m really curious what will happen next, the Hero and the Demon King are showing some pretty daring tactics to achieve their dream, hopefully it won’t crush them in the face later on.

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