Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 7: Love Divide

conflicting love

I was never expecting this show to have some kind of serious love drama involved. I always thought that the relationship between the Hero and the Demon King was pretty obvious and I never thought that the Knight would have any chance to get in their way. The Hero and the Demon King already have a contract together and they plan to change the world, isn’t some common dream like changing the world something huge enough that no one can get in the way of your love? For some reason it seems that Knight has some kind of chance with the Hero and I simply don’t understand when that happened. If I were the Demon King I wouldn’t even have let the Hero get the slightest chance to do a single thing with the Knight. She is involved enough with him that I let her  the right to decide for him who he can and can’t see.

demon king hero

This just make it so it seems even more dangerous for the Demon King to leave the mansion to go on a travel to renew her license. Like it isn’t bad enough that suddenly she has competition she also has to leave when Knight was making her move the most. While the Hero is a shy virgin with no chance of actually hitting on anyone he is still a man and the Knight knows how to easily win a guy’s heart. The Knight doesn’t seem to concern with her feminine form being revealed and the Hero doesn’t seem to mind too much. I know that the Hero will still end up with the Demon King because there really isn’t any other way I can see myself be satisfied with the love story, yet I don’t mind the slightness of ecchi that the Knight brings to the story, it is refreshing in its own way.

knight boob naked

Now that the Demon King is leaving the mansion the oldest servant will be responsible for handling the business in the village. It is really fascinating to see how much she has grown over the years. Only a few episodes back we saw her coming to the house without any education and without any sense of what the world was all about. Now she is more educated and responsible than anyone else in the village and she is even doing well enough to be able to replace the Demon King in her activities. It really is amazing how much she progressed in such a small amount of time.


She is not the only one that progressed quickly in a short amount of time, the Demon King already manage to bring the technology of the Printing Press to the world of the humans. They barely had any technologies before she arrived but now they already went from Dark age to Renaissance in only a few years. Their technological advancements are so intense that they might become a serious threat to the demon if things keeps up like this.

printing press

I’m curious how things will turn out in the near future for the Demon King and the Hero, it seems that their plan to save the world might be a little more difficult to achieve than anyone would think.

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