Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 8: Evil Potato

demon banquet

So many things have happened this episode and yet so little at the same time. The merchant is now part of the whole conspiracy to change  the world, so is the knight and the old man. It just seems that all the most influential people of this world are now working together with the Hero and the Demon King and only the small people don’t have a clue to what is going on. Such a huge conspiracy that exist only to save everyone from any more pain,  usually I’m more used to see people create conspiracy to rule over people and make them suffer.


Meanwhile I’m really curious and surprised of the kind of trial that the Demon King has to face, it seems that she has to confront multiple previous demon king and somehow reseal them? Mind you I have not read this show’s manga and I can only guess what the trial is all about by what the Demon King mentioned. She always met with the mage before going there, it seems that the Hero won’t have to look for her anymore.

meeting the mage

While the Demon King is busy dealing with political matters in the  demon world, the Hero has to deal with the sneaky human political matters of his world. While the demon might be savage blood hungry people, they don’t seem to be as keen as human to fuck everyone over with stupid cunning scheme to gain power. Demon fight each other to determine dominance and meanwhile the human are playing game of thrones with each other. I must admit I’m not exactly sure what is the best option out of the two, but I guess maybe only having the nobles kill each other in treachery might be better than having entire clan killing each other.

useless king

To return to the matter at hand, it seems that potato are the invention of the demon and it is an evil plant. I’ll never understand religion. I sure understand the politic behind this coup, but I’ll never understand the concept of right and sinful objects. I don’t care if it’s a vegetable coming from the anus of a giant monster from Venus, if that thing help everyone to live and be happier, then why are we complaining at all? We eat pieces of beasts that roll in mud all day and we don’t seem to care…Bacon is so tasty anyway.


Now that potato have become the bane of human existence the Hero will have to go and save the servant that he is willingly giving over. It seems that he finally understood what he is good at. He might only be good at fighting, but if he fights at the right place he can make a lot of change happen that way. Hopefully in the next few episode we will see him become a stronger presence and not just someone who wonders what good he can do in the world.

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