Maoyuu Maou Yuusha episode 9: Ungodly

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What a grandiose and emotional episode of Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. I was surprised by Maid Ane speech, first I never expected her to stand up and give such a grandiose speech, I know that she is the head maid student, but she has grown so much since she arrives in that mansion. She used to be a serf without any confidence or sense of reality and now she was able to inspire serf, peasant and king with her speech. With her words alone she found the power to fight the whole world and give every one the hope and salvation they were hoping for.

Meanwhile it seems the hero will be absolutely useless once again, he was suppose to save the day and save her fake lover, but now he ended up only watching Older Sister Maid getting wiped over and over again. At least she wasn’t stoned to death, I was seriously getting worried that the girl might have very well died right there. It would have made thing even more complicated considering the real Scholar is still supposed to be alive and well.


Having said that, I’m not so sure of that fact after having seen the little scene after the outro of this episode. It seems that the Demon King is having a lot of problem of her own in her trial to recover the title of Demon King. I must admit I have no idea what she is trying to do or what she has to do, but from the look of things even with her confidence she doesn’t seem so sure to ever make it back. That last scene also gave me many more questions than answers. From the look of things the Demon King is in an endless cycle, she had vision of her head touching the face of countless Hero of previous era. She also spoke of how she might never return, It just make me wonder so many things. Yes things have heated up in the human world, but it seems things are going even worse for the Demon King and I just want to know why, what and who.

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This episode Maid Ane might have had a wonderful speech and converted the heart of every man of her nation to her cause, but it did ended up causing some great conflict for the Winter Kingdom. Now they are both at war against the Church and the Central Kingdom. The very reason they begin this travesty to begin with was to avoid a situation like this one, now the Older Sister had to endure lot of pain for no reason. Now the country might very well go at war with the Central Nation and even though they have the Hero on their side, I doubt that a war between the human nations can lead to any good, but by the way things are headed it seems that a war between human nation and demon tribe is inevitable at this point.

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