March Break Update

It has been a while since the last home page update once again, mostly due to a severe cause of laziness. Yet, even though the home page wasn’t updated in a long while it isn’t because there was lack of new content; let it be broken down here for you.



Nothing new yet, but stay tuned for a Sim City review in the upcoming weeks.



We are past the midway point in the season and you can now see both Top 5’s for it.

Winter 2013 Anime Top 5 Best Opening ThemeBest Ending Theme

Meanwhile, you can still click on the icons below for our usual weekly  coverage, as well as check out the new shows incorporated from this new season.


Shinsekai YoriAmnesiaChihayafuru Season 2Mondaijitachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yoKotoura-sanMaoyuu Maou YuushaBoku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT


Time to get some of the latest information with our technology segment. Since the last update, you can now see stories about the Kali Linux distribution and how both the Federal Reserve and Apple were recently hacked. Click the icons below to fill your mind with scary information.

Backtrack Reborn – Kali LinuxFederal Reserve confirms hack attack led to data leakApple hacked

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