MM! Episode 10: Yuuno is Sadistic?! O.o WTF…

MM! is only getting worse and worse as time goes on. It’s too bad, it had such a great potential…This week is another one-episode filler where relationships stay pretty much dull, and although Yuuno gets a little closer to Tarou and it’s obvious that she likes him, Tarou doesn’t do anything and doesn’t seem to feel anything. The humour was okay (just slightly retarded), except it gives me the impression that this whole show is made up of fillers.

Yuuno gets jealous because Tarou hung out with Mio during the culture festival, and so she thinks Tarou likes girls like her and starts being a bitchy sadistic girl. Mio and Arashiko then have a duel to find out who is more sadistic and Arashiko wins.

God. I don’t even feel like reviewing this. WHAT THE HELL?!?! Yuuno acting like Mio wasn’t even funny, and just like last episode it was way too predictable. Tarou’s masochism is becoming redundant, and Mio pisses me off because of her personality, AND she likes Tarou which is really obvious and annoying because it tramples the relationship between Yuuno and Tarou. Basically, the show is becoming worse as time goes on and the ending will probably be horrid since the producers don’t seem to favour one couple over the other, and so they can’t make a happy-time-to-get-together time and it’ll end in a dull way. Oh, and that’s not mentioning the total lack of character development towards Tarou’s masochism improvement…

I don’t even know what else to say… I laughed a little because some jokes were good, but apart from that I was really deceived. This show had such an amazing potential in the beginning and now it’s just becoming repetitive and bad.

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