Mondaiji Tachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 5: Perseus defeated by no-names


This show sure doesn’t mess around with the pace of its story. It seems that every episode they make sure that something absolutely extraordinary happens and it doesn’t come to any surprise anymore that this show is already at its halfway point. There is so little content in this universe and the pace is so fast that it would have been difficult to have more episodes without resorting to fillers.


This episode the Perseus organization was completely annihilated because of the no-name. It just goes to show how overpowered Izayoi is. He has the strength of a thousand man, he can duel a demon lord without breaking a sweat and vanquish a gift that is said to be able to petrify the whole world. He is so powerful that even Gifts don’t work on him, how ridiculous is that? What’s the most ridiculous thing he could come out with now? The guy is bright, beautiful, powerful and lucky. There is simply nothing wrong with him, in fact he is so perfect that he is bored all the time because he might very well be the most powerful being that Little Garden has ever seen.


At some point Izayoi will meet his match, but that will probably be when everything will be over. For now the no-names have it really easy in their gift games, the only reason that any of them have any chance of losing is because they don’t let Izayoi do everything for them. Now let us go to the other half of this review, where I will start complaining about everything that made no sense what so ever with this episode.


First of all, Izayoi might be portrayed as someone who’s intelligent, but he spent most of his time taking unnecessary risk like taking forever to put his helmet on or swinging recklessly into thin air. Meanwhile the other girl were just as stupid, they are really powerful and yet to never bother to use their power to its full potential. Asuka went into the middle of everyone with a water plant for weapon…she could have just made an army of slave to fight for her instead and disturb the peace in the palace even more, but shooting water all around sounded much more fun to her for some reason.

water power

The good guys are not the only one who fail dramatically at doing their job right. The Demon Lord spent more time destroying their own facility than actually attacking its target. It spent most of its time slashing the side of the colosseum and only attack Izayoi about 5 minutes after making sure that everything its owner posses was destroyed, this fight was more ridiculous than your grandma in a swimsuit.


One last thing that seriously pissed me off, stars don’t fall out of the sky. Stars are massive fusion reactor made of gas and plasma, they have no chance what so ever to travel fast enough to look like asteroid destroying in our upper atmosphere. I want to strangle and assassinate the person who wrote this, I don’t care if it is a parallel universe or a children’s book, stop making such nonsense and pretending that nothing is wrong with it !

ZeroGhj signing off

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