Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 2: Killing Children is fun


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I know that I said I would not be covering this show since it is just a story-less combat-fest, but I had lot of request of people wanting me to cover it so I cave in. The show ain’t bad anyway, so might as well share my thought on it if I am to watch it. This episode was not any different from the first one, a lot of plot hole but no one really cares about them anyways, so let’s go straight to the cool stuff.

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Kasukabe powers were finally effectively revealed this episode. From the look of it her power consist of two point. First, she can communicate with everything and everyone, allowing her to become friend with just about anyone she wants to. Second, after she become friend with someone or something, she acquires that thing power, right now I am uncertain if that power only work if the thing is an animal, but she might very well be the most powerful of the group if it also applies to human. It would mean that she could acquire everyone of the 2 others power and become a super powerful human being who loves hanging out with cats.


Meanwhile in this peaceful land of fun and gamble, we learn that some dude named after after a ghost has a hobby of kidnapping children and killing them right after. Just regular common business here, you can really see how peaceful and such a wonderful place the land of little garden is. You also learn that most of a whole community died playing a game out of ego and only their children were left. How wonderful is it to live in such a charming community!

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Now just about the only thing that interested me this episode was just a minute long scene where Izyoi receives his card. The card itself already shows that the boy might be even more powerful than anyone believed at first, you know you are strong when some magical item cannot even identify how powerful you are. The guy might act like an ass, but he actually has the power to back it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if it still took a while for us to see what the limit of Izyoi really is, after all he can beat gods and I would not be surprised if even the demon lord were only an even match for him.

unknown card

I’ll keep on blogging this show from now on, after all it is only 10 episodes long, one fifth of the way done and it isn’t painful to watch or anything, just really void in content.


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