Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 3: Bath time

bath time

It seems that some kind of story is starting to emerge into this show, what a surprise. I was not expecting for anything more than random action scene with super power to occur. Now the community will try to find to get their name back? fight to win against the demon lord? I’ll be honest here, I still see this show only as a super generic shounen, there is a dose of ecchi, a dose of magical power, every character ends up being badass…the usual.


This episode we learned that it turns out that Asuka isn’t just Lelouch 2.0, she can actually cheat physic and create miracles with her orders. She could order anything to become anything. I think that ability is a little overpowered. This means that at any time she could say “Sword, kill that person” and that person would be killed by the sword. I have really some trouble imagining how she could ever be defeated if she can wish for any miracle to happen.


At this point you have Asuka who’s able to wish for miracles, Izayoi who seems absolutely indestructible and You who can master the power of every single animal. Those three are not just regular super hero, they are overpowered super hero, I call for a game balance here. I don’t understand how those no-names with no fighting power managed to call those super human into their world and no one else with power ever called for their help before. Why would those losers manage to catch their attention and not some demon Lord looking for powerful servant? This is a generic anime, maybe I shouldn’t be asking too many intelligent questions.


Meanwhile, the most important part of the episode was without doubt the scene in the bath. It must have been good for so many people eyes to see such goodness rabbit and superhuman in an open bath together. We are now all so thankful for Izayoi’s reward against the water god. The one thing I just cannot even begin to understand though is…Why the fuck was there a cat in the bath? How could this cat get inside the bath and not jump out screaming? What kind of sorcery is this? Every single cat I’ve seen or heard of have an absolute phobia of water, they hate to get wet and they will claw your guts out until they manage to make you suffer just as much as they have suffered inside the water. Yet this cat right here didn’t seem to mind for a second and he even had fun standing in a perfect position to have a pussy hiding another pussy.

pussy pussy water

In either case, it seems like the community has greatly increased his able members with the victory of the last Gift Game, it sure didn’t took much time for Gasper to be defeated, we met him only an episode ago and the poor guy is already gone, such great antagonist have we met.

ZeroGhj signing off

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