Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 4: Vampire Lord

vampire lord

The cheesiness of this show is absolutely overwhelming, but hey, at least the show isn’t bad if you can somehow see past so much bullshit. Izayoi has been able to proves himself times and times again this episode. It is a little concerning to see that the guy has yet to even see a proper challenge. He defeated a water god, two mythical creatures, a former demon lord and the leader of a community, all of them without ever feeling in danger or even breaking a sweat. His power is so incredible that it is a little boring to watch. I really want to see the extent of his power, to see just how powerful he is, but with the way things are headed it would be a miracle if anything was strong enough to defeat him right now. If he is really that strong it is difficult to understand why that guy doesn’t have everything he wants and why he can’t take over the community by himself. From the look of things he would be able to destroy the Perseus community by himself right now and no one would even pose the slightest challenge to him, how boring is that? I’m not surprised that Izayoi is constantly bored, I’m bored just looking at how powerful he is.


Otherwise this episode we had a lot of Bunny-porn going on. The leader of Perseus sure is a big pervert, not that I have anything against it though. After all I have some reaction when watching Kurousagi too. That girl is busty, wears revealing outfit, acts like she wants it and to top it all off…she has rabbit ears ! I’m no furries but even I wants to take a hold of those ears, they look so fluffy and awesome to touch. If I was to play in a gift game, I’d want to take hold of her just as much as any other guy, that’s for sure.

kurousagi pissed

Leticia is some kind of super hero for this no-name community, but now she is powerless, a slave and she doesn’t look like she’d be much help even if she were to join back the community. I have trouble understanding why the hell anyone would want someone who is now useless into their community, why risk so much for someone who is worthless is beyond me. Oh yeah, she used to be a friend… who cares ! The community has trouble just staying alive they don’t have any time to lose with worthless people like her, they should instead try to focus their attention on… I dunno, winning worthwhile prizes like the water tree they got in the very first episode. Since then they made little progress in their quest to restore their community’s flag and name.

legendary gift

Hopefully next episode the gift game will give those no-names a chance to regain some power and honour, this show is already nearly at its halfway point, I expect for things to heat up quickly.

ZeroGhj signing off

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