Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 6: In a land far far away


This show has no sense of seriousness what so ever, it seems that no matter what those stupid character do they never think of the consequences of their action before they do them? Izayoi and Black Rabbit spent most of their day running around town destroying anything and everything they touch. No one seems to have a care in the world and for people who are supposed to be super bright they make me think of impulsive retard that works at Walmart. It is really no surprised that the security of the town showed up and it is about time that something happen to them and their bad habit.


Does it shows that I absolutely hate how light and stupid this show is? I sure hope it does. This episode I felt like I was watching a bunch of kid in an amusement park more than a story about super human fighting to save a community and risking their life for it. The show has the necessary content to be a real shounen, with real drama and decision but the show is so generic and pointless, the character are never really developed, they only run around to have fun and no real moral is ever present. The show has no point what so ever, the story isn’t going anywhere interesting and the character are completely boring if you forget about their power.


This episode we learned about the real size of Little Garden, for some reason they say it is the size of an average star and yet Izayoi managed to reach one of the end of the world quite fast not too long ago. Another thing that profoundly confuses me is that there is an end of the world and yet Little Garden is round? I am absolutely completely confused as the geography of that world and I don’t even want to bother understanding it either. This will only fall in my “Bullshit people make up to tell a story” category.


The only think people could find mildly entertaining with this episode was the duel between Izayoi and Black Rabbit, it was fun to finally see something Izayoi wasn’t completely overwhelming his opponent in. That guy is so cocky that it is good to see he isn’t the best at everything and that he does have to think and use strategy from time to time to success and not only rely on his impossible strength.


That was the only things that matter to me this week, hopefully something unexpected happens in the future, but I highly doubt there is any chance it will be the case.

ZeroGhj signing off

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