Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 7: Who cares


After watching the show and the lengthy explanation about the different community and the demon lord army and what not there is only one thing left on my mind. Who the fuck cares? Look this show is already pretty dumb, no point trying to make story out of it and try to give context, there is only 3 episodes left, just get Izayoi to fight some super powerful dude for a couple episode and get the community flag back at the same time, don’t go around explaining stuff no one gives a shit about.


The only god thing about this show are the fight, so less talking more punching. Hell the community of no-names are so worthless yet they somehow never get into trouble. They broke down a building in the middle of town, nearly killed so many civilian and they had no consequence what so ever, they just have to help out protect them from a Demon Lord…which Izayoi would have done either way because he just want to have fun all the time. At this point the whole show pretty much turn around this guy, he is the only one who’s power was not completely revealed and he’s the only one who still has the slightest interest in my heart. The other girls are already done and over, their power is limited at best and their character design is lacking. Why would a rich girl who has always everything she wants in life have this kind of personality? Why isn’t she more affected by her power? She is the one who seems the most off of what she should be. I expect her to be bored, greedy and needy. I expect her never to take no for an answer. Yet she is the complete opposite of this description and it pisses me off.

big breat

Now the only good part of the episode was most likely when we got to see all the girl in the bath. Boobs are boobs even if you can’t see shit, just having them all together so exposed is enough to stimulate my manly bit and it gives me something to talk about to finish this post on a positive note. Because I hate whining but I love boobies, so let’s at least take comfort in the fact that this show gave us one thing to look at while they bored us to death with pointless stories.

ZeroGhj signing off

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