Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 8: Jack-o-lantern


This show is so pointless. Look this show is boring enough as it is, they don’t need to make it even more boring by having the battle end with a surrender. Look I already don’t care about the universe, the characters, the story, the only thing left happens to be the battle and you just go ahead and make them end before anything interesting happens in them? Why would a surrender ever be a good idea?

We are at the final of some kind of important competition and they just gave up the win. The only interesting thing of the episode and they just let it go. Let me remind everyone that this show only has 2 more episodes left. Not anything meaningful happened yet, nothing interesting will come out of this show in what small time it has left either.

boob that don't make sense

I was half interested when Izayoi jumped forward to attack the demon lord, to realize that after the initial strike he just stopped the fight and talked with the guy…who ended up not even being a Demon lord anyways. If Izayoi is to fight someone at least we can get some sweet supernatural inhuman strength that make no sense what so ever. That’s at least worth a little bit of entertainment. Instead we had nothing here instead, absolutely nothing.

Wanna know what was supposed to be the highlight of the episode? A freaking jack-o-lantern. Just tell me how this is supposed to be interesting enough to sustain this whole episode in content?


Here is a little story to tell you how much I hate this show. All the characters are shallow and will never get any air time to give them a more deep and interesting personality that brings depth to the story, meanwhile the story had no real beginning and no reason to continue either. The world is interesting, but it is so undeveloped in the story that it makes everything look meaningless and senseless. I feel like the only way to enjoy this show is to have really, really nothing better to watch and to be absolutely desperate to watch an anime at the time.


I seriously hope that something interesting is going to happen next episode otherwise I’ll cut my wrist until my blood write the next episode for me.

ZeroGhj signing off

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