Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo episode 9: The Final Battle has Begun

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I must give some credit where credit is due. This episode wasn’t half bad. The more this show airs the more I start thinking that the manga must be really great and the anime simply butchered up the story so much by rushing everything. The show has sign of deep content and a potent universe, the character have a lot of potential to become interesting if they had more screen time and if they were more developed. I can see just how awesome this show could be, but because it was meant to be only 10 episodes and because of how rushed it looks, there is no point to even compare this show to anything decent.


The final fight of the show has begun and while I’m a little bit sad to realize that it will be extremely short-lived and rushed just like every single other aspect of this show, I’m still glad that I can at least expect this show to end on a good note and have a good old fight full of explosion and overpowered abilities. It is the only thing I ever asked out of this show and it seems that it will be able to deliver for the finale and it really is quite a relief.

epic entrance

For the story content itself, it now seems that they have everything needed to win this gift game, they have Asuka who has the knowledge to win, Izayoi has the strength and they also have an entire village that are armed with pitchfork and everyone knows that pitchfork are weapons of mass destruction, especially when you are fighting against a rat army, a cyclone and the black plague. I’m not even sure how you are supposed to fight against the black plague to begin with. From what I know of virology the only way to fight such infection is to either quarantine people, find a cure or straight up kill everyone who is infected. So I guess that their idea of killing every infected citizen wasn’t such a bad idea after all. Unfortunately I highly doubt that anyone would actually die in this show, it seems way too PG-13 to have anything really sad and drastic happen. The only thing you will see is either explosions or awesomeness. Too bad we saw so little of either throughout the season, but the last two episode should make up for it somehow.

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