Mondaijitachi ga Isekai Kara Kuru Sou Desu yo [Final] episode 10: DEEN!

deen lightning spear

This show had an ending that was just as great as the rest of the show. The fight were short and uninteresting, the opponent were friendly instead of vicious and there was really limited use of super power this episode if you forget about the only highlight of the episode…DEEN!

DEEN duel

I have no idea who decided to make DEEN a pokemon, but I was laughing my ass off. This is the kind of things where it is so bad that it is good. DEEN is just supposed to be some huge robot that Asuka uses to win battle but for some reason it loves to repeat his name over and over again and to do so while sounding like a total retard. DEEN might be mighty and fast but when the only thing you can say is your name over and over again you don’t leave such a great impression on your audience.

power kick

The show is now over and it was as disappointing as anyone could have guessed. No drama, the only people who died seems to be the one involved in that last black plague arc, if you can call it an arc and they were all unnamed guards with similar faces. The epicness never seemed to happen. I do agree that DEEN! looked awesome when he was fisting those giant storm to death and it was also plenty epic when he threw the lance of absolute Armageddon  but those two events cannot support the entire episode. The fight between the piper and Izayoi contained enough power to make it an episode long. Yet we barely got to see them fighting. The fight didn’t ever depict any good choreography either, we only saw them throw in 3 punches that resulted in huge explosion each. It is cool to see the strength of the character clashing against each other resulting in huge explosions, but it is really lame after a while when it is the only thing we ever see.

power punch

Furthermore, considering that this episode was  the last episode, it was just a really bad un-conclusion to the show. Nothing really finished, the story isn’t even past some halfway point or anything, it just seems like they randomly decided to finish the show in between two games just because. The characters barely had any time to develop and we are only starting to learn about them that everything is already over and you are left with a feeling of completely emptiness towards the show because the attachment to the character just never had a chance to happen in such a short time.

I seriously hope that this show won’t ever have a second season, it would just be too cruel considering how bad this one was to begin with.

ZeroGhj signing off

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