Mouretsu Pirates Episode 6: Let the Training Begin!

And so the main plot begins!

Oh, the love. Isn't it so adorable?

…Almost. Before that, Marika has to go sign twenty million tons of papers I’m obviously exaggerating. You get the point. and talk to a

Fact: This place is awesome.

bunch of government officials. She is then literally thrown in the pirate world, where she starts going through and failing miserably a bunch of simulations where the ship gets attacked. Her training continues on for a little while with every section of the ship, and then Chiaki joins her as she also needs to practice her pirating skills Hehe, Chiaki chan just had to come back this soon ^.^.

Both girls are then thrown into real-life practice as they are told to take over Princess Apricot’s luxurious ship and to steal a bunch of things from it. Their pirating then turns into a theatre play as everyone is overjoyed to see their ship being raided for the first time ever, and as Kane pretends to die in order to “protect everyone from the pirates”. WTF IS THIS?!

In the end, Chiaki goes back to the Barbalusa on her own, while Marika falls asleep out of exhaustion.



I shall repeat…WTF IS THIS?!?!



*crosses fingers* Please let the Bentenmaru’s raids become more awesome… Or else it kinda ruins my views on pirating in space…

Anyways. The short play we had at the end completely screwed my mind over. I actually expected something cool to come out of it, but in the end nothing did and I was super disappointed then again, I’m watching a show which involves pirates in miniskirts. From next episode’s preview though, it seems like this won’t be the case all the time, which would be greatly appreciated I want cool shit to happen.

I'm especially curious to meet this crazy dude...

This episode was very intriguing in many ways, starting with the presentation of characters. Honestly, I thought we would be introduced to the seemingly awesome crew that is part of the Bentenmaru, but instead it looks like they are only shown quickly and we barely even know who does what so far. I was really deceived in that sense, and I strongly hoped to meet everyone properly as well as to have a good presentation of the ship itself. Though it isn’t too bad that we were thrown into action right away, I found it bland for us not to have any introduction at all.

Meet the next generation of storm troopers.

Marika’s training turned out to be done pretty well in the end, and from the looks of it she learned a lot from it. I was also happy with the idea that Chiaki came back so soon since I absolutely love that girl, since she also has just started her career in pirating. These two girls already have a pretty strong bond even if tsundere Chiaki will never admit it, and although I’m not sure how the development will go on, we are sure to see Chiaki again pretty often, and I’m curious to see what part she takes on in the show I’m still in dear hopes that she’ll join the Bentenmaru, although that’s impossible.

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