Mouretsu Pirates Episode 7: I'm still waiting for my vicious pirates…

This week, Kato Marika has to make a difficult choice!!! That is… School, Work or Pirating? Whoever picks school or work is a disgrace to pirates.

Basically, this girl is overloaded. With all the raids she has to go on aboard the Bentenmaru, she doesn’t have time to do anything properly, which causes her test scores to become absolutely horrendous. This problem causes people around her to worry about it and to ask her if she intends to stop working or to drop out of school. Marika refuses because she’s not someone who gives up easily, and so after this she is called to the Bentenmaru for a surprise mission worth tons of money. The mission is accomplished quickly, and after the whole fight is done, it turns out there is a stowaway child on the ship, demanding to speak to the captain! It’s a trap.

Meanwhile, Chiaki is in town, looking for Marika although she’ll never admit it, and she

Shut your little squeaky annoying voice and I may just like you a little more 🙂

ends up having a small talk with Marika’s friend who is voiced by that annoying seiyuu that I hate so much, where we learn a little more about our main character. Our little tsundere then gets an important phone call from her father: SOMETHING is happening *dramatic music*.



Oh, a new character? Could it be, could it be? I wanna meet that child!!!

Looking at the preview, it seems like the little girl who shows up will be a very important and noble character which will finally start up the whole story. After 7 episodes, I’m starting to feel impatient and I really want the main plot to begin… I don’t think I’ll be able to withstand any more of these showy pirate raids any longer… I WANT BADASS PIRATES.

If you're going to stay like this, GTFO.

On the other hand, it looks like we are getting more and more a good picture of Kato Marika’s character. We learned before of her

The day my eyes become super saiyans like that, will be the best day of my life.

talent, and this week we learned of her determination. It seems like this girl really has it all to be an amazing pirate captain and a sweet main character… Aside from the fact that she seems to absolutely love doing these pirate shows, which aren’t badass or cool or dangerous and only feel like they’re there for show which they are.

In the end, my enthusiasm for this show is slowly going down because the last 2 episodes were not too great, however I guess that once the main plot starts we’ll finally get something nice out of this, because a lot of story potential was set up already. Next episode will feature a new character, and hopefully the start of the main storyline!

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