Mushibugyo episode 1 [First Impression] : I hate spiders

empty corpse

I’ve already seen enough of this show, I don’t know if it aimed at kids or what, but even with all the gruesomeness, the ecchi and the “drama” , the show still failed to appeal to me in any way. I guess it is simply too much of a shounen for me to endure, the universe of the samurai might not be my most favorite setting for a shounen, I just feel like it is overdone and shouldn’t be used so much.

other guys

The show seemed like it could do just fine with a younger audience and yet it seemed like the show still went for really gory sequences. I’m not sure if that is just normal for shounen nowadays, but I felt like it was a little much to see emptied corpses eaten by spiders. In the end I might just become slowly but surely an old fart who doesn’t know what the yologeneration loves, but this show simply never clicked with me.


From the very beginning it just seems that there is too much childishness in the show, it was difficult to take seriously. How can a town exist when on a regular day you can see an army of spider eat a handful of villagers. I never understood that anime logic. First of all people would not live somewhere where death was so imminent (at least not unless there was some great riches and a good reason for them to risk their life every day) and second of all I don’t care if there is 100 000 people in your feudal town, if there is 10 of them that dies every other day, that means that you lose 1500 people a year from insects alone. it usually took 20 years back then for a new generation to arrive, that means that in between each generation 30 000 people would have died, if you don’t count the rest of the people who dies from diseases, old age and bushido. that’s nearly a third of the population. No economy could survive such disaster and no town should exist if something like this happened for over 10 years like the show seems to point to.


From the very beginning I can’t understand this show and I must admit I was so bored of the show after only 10 minutes that I barely paid attention to the rest of the episode. The other insect exterminator don’t seems like much more interesting characters than the main character and overall this whole show looks pretty dull to me.

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