Mushishi Zoku Shou episode 1 [First Impression]: Golden Sake

mushishi drink


A sake brewer gets caught up in a meeting with Mushishi, where he learns of kouki, sacred sake which a certain type of Mushi like to feed on.


I never thought Mushishi would get a second season. When I heard of the announcement, I must say I was pretty happy – although I’m still not quite sure what to think of season 1.

It’s time for more spirit stories! If there’s anything I love about Mushishi, it is certainly its universe. With only this one episode, I was dragged back to the time I watched the first season a year ago, with its unique atmosphere, awesome soundtrack and oddly interesting plot.

The only problem I had with Mushishi S1 was its lack of long-term storyline – of 26 episodes, only 4-5 were actually about Ginko himself or his relatives, with the rest being mostly one-episode stories. Although they were quite interesting in their own way, I was always a little bit disappointed with the lack of connection between the episodic stories – the format certainly isn’t what we’ve become used to in anime. mushishi mushi

Whether the same thing happens in this season or not, I have no idea; the only thing I can be certain of, is that the atmosphere of this first episode was exactly the same as in Season 1. Which means, that if you liked Season 1, you will like Season 2. For people who aren’t used to the style and plan to watch this as an episodic thing to watch every week without having seen the first Season, I can say it is definitely possible; but the uniqueness in style of Mushishi makes this very hard to watch for people who like action-packed anime.

mushishi golden sakeAs for my personal opinion, I must say that I loved this episode, not only because it had the same vibe as Mushishi S1, but also because this episode gave us a little bit more information on Mushi and especially Mushishi; it felt nice to get a glimpse of a possible long-term plot, such as the use of Kouki and the possible disappearance of the Light Vein for a new one to appear afterwards. Not that I expect this show to have a super solid and straight-line plot, but I feel like it would be nice to get a little bit more than we did in the first season. If only some stories lasted more than one episode, I’m sure we’d be able to get some scenes to be even more emotional and would definitely bring some more heartbreaking scenes to the show.

mushishi ginkoOverall, although I can’t say this season doesn’t satisfy me (for I’ll be sure to watch this every week), its lack of long term plot prevents me from unfortunately blogging it. Unless I find out that next week I have tons of things to say about the episode and feel absolutely the need to blog it, I have my doubts that this will be coming back to 0-Gate in review form. None the less, I would recommend this to anyone who feels like watching a calm, yet entertaining and especially heart-warming story every week about these little fantastic creatures populating the world of Mushishi.

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