Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 1 [First Impression]

What do we have here? A somewhat serious mecha show? Where aliens are exterminating mankind? After the horror that was Aquarion Evol, a real serious business mecha will do me much good. I still have bad dreams of mecha fighting for love in a war where they never lose a single battle. If this new mecha can clear my head and reminds me why I love this genre, I’ll take a go at it.

First of all, BETA is a ridiculously ugly acronym for the aliens, but I can live with that for now. The simple fact that things are not going well in the show and that I expect drama to happen and people to actually die and oh god how Aquarion Evol was terrible now that I look back at it. People are already dying, things are already going so bad in their fight against the aliens, things are looking awesome for a nice story about how the earth survived the attack of a vicious alien species.

I also happens to appreciate the story telling of the show, the situation feels real, it really feels like a time of war. I could imagine that if we were invaded by aliens one day, things would pretty much go as it is going in the show. Most show are too flashy or too epic in the way they handle their story, but as of now, Luv-Muv Alternative looks and feels realistic, which is a good thing if you want to get into the story and feel the pain of the characters.

Another thing that hooked me to the show from the beginning was the survival suit the girls are wearing, let’s take a look at that.

I mean, what would be a great show without some ecchi before a battle where everyone dies right?

Overall the show has a nice feel to it, the story looks promising and the ecchi is present. I see no reason not to cover it.

Possibility of Watching: Likely

Possibility of Blogging: Likely

ZeroG signing off

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