Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 2: Kyoto Falls



There were so many new cute little girl last episode, I was expecting much ecchi to happen around them. I mean, after all only a few minutes in the show we had their skirt lift up and we had a scene in the changing room. It is so sad that all their cute bodies are now torn to pieces and being digested by alien. At the same time, since I didn’t get the time to learn any of their name, it is kind of a good thing, saves me the trouble of remembering so many things and instead I can just referred to them by the way they died.

I must say that this show is starting to be much more that what I hope it would be. I was going to watch it simply because it was a mecha and that there would be some good fanservice laid along the line. I was not expecting for there to be actually this much awesomeness and death going on. I mean we are only at the second episode and we already got all the characters we were introduce to, except for two, dead. I feel like I’m watching Gantz all over again…which is a good thing so long as this show ends a little better.

So often are shows focused on people winning and winning, I’m just really glad that we can see everyone in Muv-Luv Alternative have such a severe defeat. Of course I’m sure in the future things will go a little more uphill from now on, but at the very least we now have the terrible background shown to us. We now know the suffering that this war is causing.

But all those deaths mark the real beginning for this show. We are now set 3 years in the future and Yui is still alive and kicking it seems. I don’t know how things will go in the future for this show. We had such a cruel and powerful opening first 2 episodes that it is hard to know what to expect next. Will things calm down or will the killing and suffering continues? I really hope it will be the later, if things were to continue to be this bloody for a prolonged amount of time, I might just start to passionately love this show.

After all, not only is the show shocking us with vision of death and merciless murder. But there was also this one scene at the end where Yui saw a woman bring life into this world. Just when Yui was starting to lose hope for humanity and when she was feeling gloom, she looked at that child and realized, that even if she won’t be able to live happily ever because of the scars this war has given her, she will still fight to make this world a beautiful place for future generation once again. That’s the spirit that drives any real and honourable soldiers.


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