Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 3: New kids on the block


I have no idea who had the bright idea to have a base in Yukon be the center of operation for all the research on mecha of the country who were conquered, but it is really cold out there. It is not the best place to have panty shot and girl in small lingerie, I feel like the Caribbean would have been a more advantageous location for those kinds of things. Especially since the show is based on a dating sim, I would expect all the conditions to be at their best to encourage “social interaction”.

Something else that sparked my interest this episode was the brief moment when we saw what part of the world were already conquered by the Beta. Most of Eurasia was conquered, but the beta seemed to be mostly stopped by oceans. This really makes me wonder how the Beta managed to conquer Japan. The UK were able to defend the attack even though the rest of Europe has fallen and it seems that the beta are unable to cross into Africa too, not to mention the fact that it seems unlikely they will reach the Americas soon. So why exactly were the beta able to get japan before they got Africa or the UK? Maybe we’ll get an answer to that later on, or maybe this will stay a plot hole. Another interesting fact, is that seeing how the beta advance, they will most likely finish off Africa and they enter the Americas from the Bering strait.  Yukon isn’t really far from there, why not just have that base in Chilie or Argentina instead? It would even be hotter, you get two bird with one stone.

Anyway, it is episode 3 and we already have a whole bunch of new character to meet and greet. I know that we need a lolly and a tsundere in every harem, but I could have lived without Chibi. That girl is not only tsundere, she is just plain stupid and full of herself. I like the calm and beautiful Venus much more than her…but I guess Venus huge breasts might have influenced my decision a little. She is from Sweden, everyone knows that Nordic woman are the best woman there is, it is no contest.

The most intriguing new character we saw were by far the twins, but unfortunately we didn’t get to learn anything about them just yet. As far as I know, one of them is a psycho while the other one is a cutie pie, but since they look so much alike, I couldn’t guaranty which is which. But the sweeter of the two seems to have some kind of sixth sense and she claims to see the aura of the people around her. Just how true that is, we will only know in the future.

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