Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Eclipse episode 5: Forbidden Student Teacher Relationship


Another Lady just joined the harem. Her name is Natalie, she is from France and she has boobs big enough to carry two small dwarves on them. I’m not sure if she will really take a part in this harem, or if she is just another side character with big boob for young fan to randomly fantasize about. Either way I could care less really, She has boobs, she is playful and she doesn’t seem afraid to show her body, I love confidant women !

Now that I had my fun speaking about a cute french girl, I have to return my attention to what this show should be about…Mecha. This episode the focus was really put on the difference between American and Japanese TSF. I really liked how the comparison was done, it was really stereotypical and representative of their native country. American wants their machine to be powerful tools, while Japanese wants their mecha to be an extension of yourself. American are known for their big toys, they make big noise and they are hugely focused around raw power and strength. Meanwhile Japan usually is more tech savvy, favoring utility over-size and power. Now this might not translate perfectly to their mecha, but to see an American use a machine with brute force is something so stereotypical and yet so true. But at least both Japanese and American like their toys.

Because on the other side of the training field you have the Russian who seem to like to shoot down automated drones. I have no idea why Russia would be such a bitch about their facility when everyone else is working together, Why would people from 5 different country work together on one side and on the other some xenophobic Russian have fun with twin underage girls.

I can’t say that the twins are the only one having their fun, since there is a cute Student – Teacher romance going on. Yuuya and Takamura are made for each other, they are both xenophobic asshole who are full of themselves. I’m sure they will make some lovely things together, like fighting Samurai style in big robot and saving the world from complete annihilation.

To be honest I originally had I hopes for this show because of the awesome first two episodes, but now things are looking much more like a harem than a mecha/science-fiction show. Which isn’t really a good thing, I hope things will get more intense and dramatic soon, instead of simply having new big breasted women introduced.

ZeroG signing off

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