Muv-Luv Alternative – Total Elipse episode 4: Racism everywhere

Let me start by saying this, what this show did for the intro is simply awesome and mind-blowing. In most shows the opening stays the same for the first 12 episodes or so. Usually it means that most of the show is already spoiled and you already see some characters that have yet to appear in the episode you are in. But Muv-Luv were genius enough to have an opening for the first 2 episodes, this way we had no clue everyone would die and now there is a new intro with all the new characters in the coming episodes. We were not even spoiled, the new intro is amazing and it made the first two episode that much more epic.

Now let’s get back to this episode. We were able to learn a little more about our friend Top Gun, turns out that he is half-japanese and it seems like he really doesn’t like that fact. We’ve seen this a lot in many shows before, someone who is ashamed of his past and of his family. It is something very common in life. But for him, even if he is most likely in his twenties he still doesn’t seem to have overcome and come to term with it. It doesn’t help that he never got to know his father and that everyone hated him for being Japanese. Which seems a little weird considering World War II was a long time ago in this show.

But Top Gun isn’t the only one who has a problem with racism and xenophobia. The whole show seems to be dealing with this subject. After all every character are really characterized like the stereotype of their country. Sweden has  a hot babe, Italia has a romantic and swell guy, america has a top ace, Nepal has a short girl. To make matters even worse, Russia has a secret facility where they torture people in it and they seems to have sub par facilities for their pilot. Just how racist can this show be?

At least, even if the twins are really stereotypical Russian femme fatale, they are pretty cute. The older one at least, the younger one is a bit young to be considered as a sexual alternative. I don’t know what’s the matter with those two, but they sure are special and the younger one is so innocent that it is nearly painful to see her be taken into what looks like a prison inside the Russian base. Hopefully she has a bright future in front of her.

ZeroG signing off

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