My Little Sister Can't Be This Cute! Episode 7: *holding up rant*

*holding up rant*

*holding up rant*

*holding up rant*

Ok, I think I should be good enough not to rant about the stupid incest during this blog post. I am sincerely sorry (well, kind of) for the people who watch this show and enjoy incest, but I have LOTS of trouble reviewing this sometimes, although it is a very  good show.

priceless imitation.

This week, Kuroneko and Saori are supposed to come over for a screening of Meruru.

other priceless imitation.

This was all decided by Saori because the other 2 kept fighting about their favourite animes, and therefore she decided to make screenings for the both shows, in hopes that they might start liking each other’s shows (pfft! Like that’s gonna happen). It only takes a short amount of time, however, before they get into a fight (they haven’t even started watching the show) over each other’s novel they are writing. As Kyousuke receives a text message from Saori (“please make sure everything goes well”, something like that anyways), he

Oh my. Even I don't get that excited over One Piece. Now that's something.

then feels obligated (slave) to answer to Saori’s message and to try and fix the situation. The argument is then solved, the screening begins, and it only takes 2 minutes into the show and Kirino and Kuroneko are already bickering at each other about each other’s favourite anime again. Later on, we also find out that Kirino’s second novel has a big chance of getting published.

The second part of the episode consists of Kirino and Kyousuke going together on Christmas Eve for some “research” needed for Kirino’s novel. Kyousuke is forced to come with his sister because he “owes her”(he watched porn on her laptop, which I guess is a good reason…Kirino, for once your reasoning wasn’t lame, yay! You have finally leveled up!). As Kirino discusses her new novel she intends to write, they both go shopping and Kyousuke is forced into buying something for Kirino (Seriously, this girl is such a selfish arrogant bitch, I can’t stand her… Level down again, sorry girl), and cute scenes follow *hold up rant hold up rant hold up rant* between both of them.

:O Is Kyousuke complaining? REALLY? REALLY REALLY?! Wow.

Hm… This week’s episode was pretty good. There was nothing in particular that made it better than any other episode in this show, however nothing was really bad about it. I loved the imitations of Kirino and Kuroneko in the beginning, those were really good and made me laugh so much. If you forget for one second that Kirino’s his sister and that she’s a complete bitch, Kyousuke and her had some pretty cute times together, and I thought that was pretty interesting.

By the way, I don’t know if I’m right or not, but I sense a foreshadowing where Kirino mentions that there’s a big chance her book might be published, however it’s nothing certain. It makes me believe that later on, Kirino’s novel might get published by another author who stole it or something, and I have a feeling it could really spice up the story.

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