Nagi no Asukara episode 10: Climate Change


Yep, this show knows how to portray girl characters properly.

Yep, this show knows how to portray girl characters properly.


Hikari and Manaka learn that, due to the Sea God running out of power, the saltflake snow will keep falling until the Earth freezes over and kills every living thing. Fortunately for the people of the sea, they have Ena, which will allow them to hibernate the whole way through this catastrophe and allow them to live; however, there is a chance that some of them may never wake up again once they have gone to sleep. With this idea in mind, Kaname confesses to Chisaki out of nowhere, despite knowing that she loves Hikari.


Woahh, what a serious episode! I the show had decided to cheese its way through the end, but I guess they do have to input some serious themes in order to give the show more impact… And I love it!

And to be serious, those are some serious themes. I knew Shioshishio was in trouble, but I never thought it would involve everyone from Ooshishio as well; in fact, it seems like they’re more in trouble than the sea people, seeing as they’re bound to follow the path to their doom. I couldn’t help but get the feeling that the show is kind of calling in our minds the environmental studies we’ve been ignoring all this time, trying to pretend like nothing will ever happen. The message being sent by the show is quite powerful, and I’m sure we won’t be done hearing about it. Honestly, I feel like you could replace every “sea god” word with “environment” or “nature” and we’d have a show about how fucked we truly are. I know we keep being told we should “save the planet” and all, but it’s really not the planet we should try and save, because it can recover full well; the human race, however, doesn’t have Ena like the cool people, so I guess we’ll just have to die…

nagi no asukara miuna coolIt seems like there are also big worries in the village about not waking up after all this is done… Now, I’m not sure if this is simply a plot point used to have everybody confess all of a sudden, but I find that that’s also a pretty big issue… And while we’re at it, why is it that everyone is worried about not waking up more than about having the entire population of Ooshishio and the rest of the land dead? I dunno about you, but it seems like the latter is a tad more serious… Although, I guess everyone worries more about themselves in the end rather than everyone else. The only cool person in the bunch was Miuna; I thought her worries for everyone else around her was really awesome of her, and hearing her say “I don’t want everyone precious to me to die!” was kind of funny in its own way, considering she wouldn’t even know about it since she’d be dead too.

nagi no asukara chisaki surprisedBut anyways, enough about climate change, and on to more romance (because, I’ll admit it, I’m one of those people who try not to think too much about our imminent death in a few decades.) Kaname’s confession literally overthrew the whole perfect matchmaking thing that was about to happen. With Manaka thinking so much aout Hikari, something was bound to flourish there, and I guess it was obvious by now that because of this Chisaki would end up with Tsumugu. Now we have to deal with Kaname too, who,with the kind of guy he is, would totally be the type of person to confess so quickly without batting an eye; well, shit. With 5 people it’s just impossible to cause a perfect matchmaking business; one person WILL be left out in the end. Honestly, just when I thought I finally knew who would end up with who, that guy comes along and destroys everything. I mean, not that his confession wasn’t awesome, I’m totally rooting for him, but still… Hmpf.nagi no asukara kaname chisaki

With all this happening, I wonder how the show will be able to continue for another 16 episodes on this lingering plot… Will Shinohara Toshiya be able to keep the suspense up with Shioshishio’s-impending-doom strategy for the whole time, or will he end it quickly and move on to something more interesting? I feel like having the Ofunehiki ceremony wait for so long would be a waste for this amazing show… Then again, I haven’t really been disappointed much with the direction this show is going, and it keeps surprising me over and over again, so I guess I’ll leave it up to the director to do as he wishes.

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