Nagi no Asukara episode 11: Preparation

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Following Kaname’s confession, the group of friends is now more awkward than ever, with Manaka and Hikari still on cold terms as well. Meanwhile, we learn that the Ofunehiki is meant to happen at the same time as the sea people fall asleep; Akari also decides to hold her wedding on the same day, which renews everyone’s hopes and brings together adults and children for the preparations.


This episode was… interesting. My feelings are mixed together in a tug-o-war between a good and a bad episode.

What really bothered me about it was the huge emphasis, once again, on the Ofunehiki ceremony, for about the fourth time now. It was established already many episodes ago that the Ofunehiki was going to happen; apparently, we need to be reminded once more, with the cheesy scenes and everything. Trying to contain my yawns became more and more troublesome for a big part of the episode; just hold the ceremony already.

nagi no asukara akari bowWhat we did get in terms of new content, however, was that Akari would have her wedding on the same day as the Ofunehiki. I thought as much when she mentioned her wedding, but I do find that it added a certain spice to the ceremony, linking even more the sea and the land together through the union of one person from each village. Now, the hopeful speech and cheesy music could have disappeared and I would have been happier, but at least we got some good things out of the actual scene. Gladly enough, though, I get the feeling that the Ofunehiki ceremony will be the midpoint, rather than the end of the anime. The pacing of the show tells me that probably around episode 13, we should get the ceremony, leaving the whole second half to romantic drama and love triangles; looking at all the bullshit I see right now, there can only be a hell of a lot of drama.

nagi no asukara chisaki hair downAnyways, moving on to the best moments of the episode… CHISAKIIIIII OMG I LOVE YOU MY NEW WAIFU!!!! Her character development makes me want to barf rainbows. Give that girl a small push, and she’ll just start flying on her own! I loved her small talk at the end of the episode, where she mentions that she should try and change, just like everyone else; for someone who threw tantrums whenever anything differed from her small world, it’s a huge improvement.

Hikari also showed his own small improvement, as he tried to distance himself from Manaka once more, and Manaka herself decided to bring her mood up and to express her feelings openly. As for Kaname, well… I guess he is changing as well, but his confidence meter is so high up there already that he just lets everything slide by him like it was nothing. Confessing in front of Chisaki’s parents… It really seems like nothing fazes that guy. Another person  I really enjoyed this episode, following from last week, is Miuna; that girl was so adorable when she tried to get Akane angry. Her selflessness as a child is way too cute to pass up.nagi no asukara miuna cute

Anyways, the preview for next episode has got me really excited! I smell drama, drama, and more drama! I was starting to lose hope that the show would ever go in such a direction, but I guess the Director was just waiting to leave all of that mostly for the second half of the show; I love it when my hopes aren’t crushed terribly as the story goes on.

P.S.: The scene was so awkwardly inserted here that I thought i'd point it out. The random sparkly background was weird.

P.S.: The scene was so awkwardly inserted here that I thought i’d point it out. The random sparkly background was weird.

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