Nagi no Asukara episode 15: Reunion

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Hikari is slowly introduced to the World again, meeting old friends and looking at everything that has changed since 5 years ago. To him, the Ofunehiki was only 2 days ago, and so he is still quite shaken by the event, and refuses to see Chisaki because he is afraid to see her changed so much. The same goes for Chisaki, who fears her own change, however in the end both meet by chance and reconcile, cheering up at the same time.

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Yup, this episode was pretty much everything I expected it to be. Although I was a bit surprised at a few things, mainly at Hikari’s reaction to the changes around him and at Chisaki’s fear of seeing him again, I expected most of what happened in this episode; after all, with the characters’ personalities, it was to be expected.

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I thought that Chisaki would accept seeing Hikari much faster than when she did; after wishing to have seen him for so long, it would have been what anyone else would have done. However, Chisaki being Chisaki, I can’t say I was completely surprised at her actions; indecision and fear of change rules this girl’s mind, after all. Fear of change always brings about stagnancy, and if it wasn’t for the chance meeting that she had with Hikari she probably wouldn’t have seen him for a long, long time still.


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I’m expecting this girl to become so absolutely awesome; the one day that she decides to stop letting fear take hold of her will be the start of her happiest moments; for her to accept everything about the world and become a little bit more like Manaka is what she needs.

I’ll admit, however, that I didn’t expect Hikari to be afraid of this change too. It’s true that he’s still the 14 year-old immature brat that he was before, but I thought he would be much more desperate for Manaka than what he showed us; he obviously wants to get her back, but he is still very far from the determination I expected him to show at first. I guess it must be a huge shock for him to wake up when everyone is so old… I was also a bit disappointed at how fast he discarded the whole problem right after having seen Chisaki, since it kinda feels like he’s just forgetting the problem altogether without solving it… Buuuuuuut then again, this is Hikari we’re talking about… Simple-minded people who can discard everything have it so easy sometimes.

nagi no asukara tsumugu emotionlessMeanwhile, we’ve got Tsumugu who probably feels absolutely terrible right now; a mixture of jealousy, guilt and happiness probably explain why he has so much trouble saying what’s on his mind to just about anyone. I have no doubt that he secretly wishes that Hikari had never come back, despite the good times that he himself had with him before his hibernation. This feeling probably brings about quite a lot of guilt on his side; not only because he is secretly wishing for someone’s death, but also because, as the kind-hearted prince that he is, he probably wished never to hear Chisaki cry like that over how much she has changed. Man, that was heart-rending.

Finally, we’ve got Miuna whom I am honestly starting to get awesome feels for. Her awesomeness as a kid still seems to be a part of her as a teenager, and the way she will cheer up everyone around her in order for them to stay happy just shows her immense heart for the people she cares for. As a kid she could only do so much, and in this episode I was quite pleased to see that, now that she understands more mature situations too, she can do even more than she could before; I also enjoyed her flag decorations very much.nagi no asukara hikari x miuna

Anyways, now that we have all this reunion stuff out of the way… Time for some more awesomeness. Everything in this episode pretty much summed up what I thought was going to happen, and although I’m glad it happened because of its necessity, I’m also glad that most of it is gone now in order to leave room for better plot twists. I have already determined that this show was awesome; now all it has to do is live up to the expectations it put on itself.

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