Nagi no Asukara episode 17: Childhood Love

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Kaname has woken up! This event makes Sayu freak out, since she has loved Kaname for all these years. She desperately tries to distance herself from him, but in the end she meets him again, falls in love with him all over again and decides not to give it up. nagi no asukara sayu cute

Meanwhile, Tsumugu and the Professor have discovered a current in the sea which could lead people into Shioshishio. Hikari, Kaname and Miuna (with her newfound Ena) decide to go explore, and with Miuna’s ear they find the current and are on their way to entering the city when the episode ends.


And yet, another slow episode… However, now that the introduction of the new arc is over with Kaname’s arrival to the surface (4 episodes later), the story should finally pick up and improve the pace of the show starting next week.

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Despite the slow pacing, I feel like once again this episode included many necessary building blocks to the second arc, just like they did for the first; one main difference between this and the first few episodes, however, is that, unlike the first arc where I was scared for some time that we would get many unnecessary fillers, the episodes are obviously building blocks this time, leaving me to go crazy in thinking what will happen by the end of the show.

nagi no asukara kaname prettyOne of the building blocks was obviously Kaname’s return; now that I see where the romance plot is going, I realize that his coming back was basically of absolute necessity, and his return gives room for Chisaki to go through one hell of an ordeal. It also allowed for the discovery of the current leading into Shioshishio, which is also a pretty important plot point.

The other main pillar of plot set in this episode was the discovery of Miuna’s Ena; somehow, it disappoints me a little bit to know that Shioshishio’s problem about their children leaving could be solved this easily. Although Miuna so far is the only case where this has happened, it would be weird to suddenly have children grow Ena out of nowhere; it seems to convenient in my head, and would definitely screw up the whole theme of urbanization. Even thought the focus of the show is now more on character development than the more general theme, I still think it would be a shame if they were to make it this easy for people of the land and people of the sea to mingle together. nagi no asukara miuna hold

Anyways. All things aside, I truly believe that this show has done a wonderful job in building up all of the characters; so much so, that despite the slow pace of the last three episodes, and despite the lack of storyline at the moment, my attachment to the characters was such that I didn’t even care. nagi no asukara chisaki tsumugu pairWe are at a point in the show where the whole thing could turn into a cheese fest and I would still be somewhat happy with the way the characters turn out; of course, I expect more out of this masterpiece of a show, and the extra bits will be what determines the difference between a good show and a show worth remembering. I believe Nagi no Asukara will turn into the latter; but hey, you never know.

P.S.: I’m usually not one to judge in-episode animation quality due to my lack of knowledge on it; however, this episode even I could notice how terribly done it was. From the 5 painful minutes we had to watch here:

nagi no asukara bad animation

All the way down to the downright terrible CG done here:

nagi no asukara bad cg shirtnagi no asukara bad cg sayunagi no asukara feet

All I’ll say is, that I always loved watching Nagi no Asukara for how pretty the show was; and yet, this episode was awfully animated. Whoever did this, either ran on a tight budget or had to rush it at the last minute; it wasn’t enjoyable to watch at all, compared to usually.

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