Nagi no Asukara episode 18: Ghost Town

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Now in Shioshishio, Kaname and Hikari go back to their parents’ house to see if their parents are still there; meanwhile, Miuna visits their old school, where she meets Uroko-sama. After meeting up again, all three teenagers go look for Manaka, and find her among all previous Ojoshis, as she’s about to die because her Ena is peeling off. Hikari then breaks her free and decides to bring her back to the surface, where she will be able to survive.


*sigh* I thought this episode would give us answers… Instead, it seems like we only got more questions out of it. It seems like, at this point, the show could only branch off in two ways: idealist, or extremely tragic.

I thought it was already understood that Manaka would never come back, so the fact that she is being brought back to the surface does make me a little curious as to what will happen to her; will she die because she is losing her ena? Will she wake up and feel super happy like nothing happened? This is one of the branches which could turn this show into a disappointing ending, where everything suddenly turns out for the better without any proper explanation, or a really, really sad ending where Manaka eventually dies or goes back to the bottom of the Sea. I’m hoping for the second one, since it’s the only one which makes sense at this point… But hey, you never know.

nagi no asukara white knightAs for the village of Shioshishio in itself, I doubt it’ll be in one piece after the wrath of the Sea God passes through it; as for the people still sleeping, it also seems idealized to me that they would all simply survive after all this; however the drama would be endless if everyone died… Is pointless death really what this show is trying to accomplish? So far, there has been lots of drama, but I really doubt that they would go to such tragic ends in order to keep the plot going. How they manage to go around this, I have no idea; but I still trust this show enough to hope that it will be good.

So basically, as stated previously, I was hoping for answers in this episode, and instead got many other questions added to my already-pretty-big list. I certainly didn’t think we would see Manaka in tangible form, especially not around all those wooden Ojoshis; a scene this depressing and dramatic was absolutely perfect to add at the end of an episode where it seemed like everything was lingering (emphasized by the lack of OST). As a side note, the people standing around like statues was very, very creepy. I can understand why Miuna was so disturbed by it…nagi no asukara ghost town

Hopefully, next episode will clarify a few more things. Now that we have passed the character evolution (or lack thereof), we should see the story move forward at least a little bit faster (I never expect this show to have a super augmented pacing, anyways); Manaka’s return will bring about many, many different feelings to everyone, and hopefully we’ll get some actual, blunt drama rather than just characters being in their own thoughts. I love this show, but watching it every week and waiting anxiously for every episode has made me realize just how slow this show really is…

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