Nagi no Asukara episode 19: Growing Up

nagi no asukara chisaki and tsumugu

“things were suspended the whole time. Now both Chisaki and I can move on.” -Tsumugu


Manaka is being nursed by the doctor who states that everything should be fine, but the girl does not seem to be anywhere near waking up. Meanwhile, Kaname and Tsumugu have a short confrontation about each other’s jealousy, and Chisaki goes to Shioshishio with Hikari.


Oh my God. Where do I… I don’t even… HOW DO I WORDS?! The amount of things I feel that need to be mentioned in this episode is so large that I don’t even know what to say at all. Please note that my review will most likely be incomplete… Although I shall try my best to make it thorough.

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Many secrets were out in this episode; Tsumugu and Kaname finally had some kind of encounter, Chisaki now knows that Miuna likes Hikari as well, and she also knows that her feelings for Hikari remain. The last point is particularly important, considering the big changes in herself she has been trying to cope with since his return. In a way, her feelings for Hikari show that, like the latter said, she truly hasn’t changed at all from before his sleep. I honestly doubt that things will stay the same, however…

nagi no asukara chisaki drunkEverything will finally stop stalling. Chisaki and Tsumugu both mentioned the fact that Manaka’s return caused the plot to finally move on, and the pacing of this episode definitely increased, proving exactly the truth of their words (nice one, Toshiya!).  The emphasis put on the no-more-stalling phase definitely has to get things going, and we will see all of this in Chisaki’s personality: it is time for her to grow up and actually become an adult. I pleasantly enjoyed the time when Chisaki believed herself to be drunk off of non-alcoholic plum wine, proving her childish pretending at being a mature adult; her body has grown, she may seem more responsible, but the Ofunehiki ceremony has stalled few parts of herself which she couldn’t get moving until everyone came back from the sea. Now it has happened… Well, time to move on!

nagi no asukara sleepChisaki’s personality is very complex; everything that happens to her causes a slight change in the way she acts and feels, but her fear of actual change make her very indecisive at the most important times. Her inability to move on over her feelings for Hikari, or over the Ofunehiki ceremony, yet her strength in still being able to live her life despite this terrible difficulty evoke this contrast a lot. We noticed a big part of this indecision in this episode, for example, when Chisaki decided to try on her old middle school uniform (or earlier in the episode when she sees herself into her nurse outfit): wanting to fit into something old which she’s comfortable with, and yet being unable to because of her grown body, is only a physical example of what is actually happening inside her head, where she is afraid to forget about her old friends and feelings, and yet she matures without realizing herself that she does.

nagi no asukara cute school girl

Finally, I am forced to mention at least a little bit about Kaname and Tsumugu, since they are, after, part of my favourite love triangle in the show. It seems like they finally decided to have a secret confrontation over Chisaki’s feelings; I dunno about you, but I feel like Kaname is just losing so terribly that it’s kind of sad. His 5 year-long sleep slowed down his progress, and unfortunately for him, his immaturity is sure to bring him down this time, especially since Tsumugu is somewhat of an older version of what Kaname could become. I never thought I could associate childishness and Kaname in the same sentence, but this episode was a clear reminder of what everyone is trying to forget; that Kaname and Hikari are both still 14 years old in their heads. How he will cope with this is definitely something I’m eager to look forward to.

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