Nagi no Asukara episode 2: Close minded bastards

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Hikari is still mad at Manaka for being so close to Tsumugu, using the epretext that she can’t possibly get closer to a man of the land. After a while, however, he has no choice but to realize that Tsumugu really isn’t such a bad guy, but still feels mad about him. He then witnesses a scene where his sister kisses a guy from the land, and when she is discovered by underwater villagers they menace her of banishing her from the village.


Man, this show is so emotional *tear*

I was really amazed with what was given to us this episode. Heck, I’m even starting to wonder if the pacing isn’t messed up. This is episode 2, and yet I feel like the plot is clearly underway already; I can’t even imagine how everything will end.

Anagi no asukara manaka nakedfter the short introduction we got last week, this time we managed to get a clearer picture of what the upcoming plot will be. It seems like this is not just about love and drama… This is about moving on into an adult world, deciding one’s own path and detaching oneself from an old world. Hey, remember all those high school friends you don’t talk to anymore; well, it might have caused drama for you to move on, and that’s exactly what Manaka is doing. Whether Hikari follows or not is up to him. Honestly, this idea has got me completely pumped; I love character development.

Putting all maturity aside, I’ll admit that Manaka looks absolutely adorable. The way she acts around Tsumugu is just like that of a girl in love, and she looked incredibly happy. I actually felt her hapiness oozing through the screen and forcing me to smile. The only sad bit to it was that we saw everything through Hikari’s point of view… Which makes everything all the more painful, since we simply see her drifting away.nagi no asukara surprise

Talking about this kid, it’s pretty amazing actually how much of a kid he is. It seems to me like he’s the only one who doesn’t understand his feelings. ?. Everyone around him knows about his love for Manaka, but he’s still oblivious to his jealousy. Like I said last week, I see a lot of immaturity in that guy, and I expect him to grow a lot over the course of the show; I’m also greatly looking forward  to it 🙂

Side note: these kids are hilarious

Side note: these kids are hilarious

Finally, it seems like we got to see a little bit of the true face of the underwater citizens; they’re a bunch of assholes. I understand that they don’t want anyone else to leave since they’ve already lost a big part of their population, but banishing people from the village certainly isn’t going to do it… I sense a lot of discrimination here,  and I sure hope more drama will come out of it.

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