Nagi no Asukara episode 20: Feelings of Guilt

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The stress of everyone in the village rises a little higher after a week where Manaka still hasn’t woken up. Hikari tries many different solutions, but none of them seem to work. Finally, in an argument with Miuna, Manaka wakes up, scolding him for being so mean to his niece.


What did I say? Oh yeah, the pace will increase… It did, for just about one episode, and now we’re back to the same slow episodes. I do understand that the show is not meant to be an action-packed, fast paced bundle of highly suspenseful scenes, but I feel like it’s almost stretching the limits of what the slice of life genre allows: I’ll admit that this episode got me a little bored as I waited for something to happen.

Lo and behold, at least, something did happen, and Manaka is now awake with everyone else. What has caused it and what will happen now, no one knows, but at least now we can be assured that she will live for at least another episode. I still believe, however, that she will be going back to the Sea God before the end of the series; at least, that’s the only logical way I see to calm the Sea God and to restore a proper climate to Shioshishio.

nagi no asukara miuna guiltApart from that, the rest of the episode consisted of guilt-fests and long waits; I feel like that’s about all we got. Miuna’s guilt wasn’t too surprising considering the circumstances, although a bit repetitive, considering Tsumugu felt the same way a few episodes ago after Hikari came back, I didn’t think this show would use the same tactic more than once, and I was a little disappointed because of this.

Hikari, however, suddenly became even clearer in my mind as to what kind of a person he is: simple minded, straightforward, and definitely someone who would never stand around waiting to take a decision. Unlike Chisaki and Miuna, he’s more the type to act rather than think and self-reflect. This episode provided us with the good and bad qualities to that character type; his refusal to even think about the idea that maybe Manaka wouldn’t wake up would have definitely hurt everyone around him after a while, as we saw in his argument with Miuna (she definitely wasn’t the only one at fault here…). I was also pleasantly surprised to see him secretly feel guilty about having freed Manaka; he was at least remotely aware that he might have caused wrong in being so reckless.nagi no asukara hikari confident

In the end, this episode brought my high hopes down a little bit; the slow-pacing and plot repetition disappointed me slightly, and I don’t expect as many things as I wished to be resolved by the end of this season. Despite all this, however, I still deeply love the show and cannot wait to see the last episode (even if it means the show will be over *gasp*).

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