Nagi no Asukara episode 21: Just like Before

nagi no asukara manaka happy


Following her return to the awoken, Manaka meets with everyone happily and brings the whole group back together without a hitch. Chisaki and Miuna feel a bit weird due to her return, but overall manage their emotions one way or another, while Hikari gets impatient and confronts Manaka by demanding her to reply to his confession as she should have done after the Ofunehiki.


I don’t think I’ll ever get over how heart-warming this show is 🙂

The most important thing we need to point out is definitely Manaka’s reaction to the 5 year gap. I wasn’t even surprised to see her act in this way, as though nothing had ever happened. This girl is so ridiculously unafraid of change and literally brought back everyone together in a flash, just like they were before the time skip. Her ability to adapt to her environment is incredible: to her, nothing new mattered: the age difference in Chisaki didn’t matter; the cold temperature was only intriguing; and getting the impression that she hadn’t existed for 5 years did not bother her one bit. The only hint that we got concerning Manaka’s possible change in state of mind was this screenshot:

nagi no asukara manaka ghost

Where her blank stare clearly shows that something is wrong. We see here that she definitely feels some sort of sadness, which shows that she’s at least human and can’t adapt to everything, however in comparison with the reactions of Kaname and Hikari her depression is like a breeze flowing through the air. What we can be sure of, however, is that this girl has the perfect qualities to be the main protagonist, and her shine is so blinding that she makes us forget that she’s only in fact the main girl or rival of the two actual main characters of the show. The way she dragged everyone around without any worries, happy as sunshine, just showed how unafraid of change this girl is; her adapting capabilities are insane – she had her friends and that was all the stability she needed in order to re-adapt to the world she just woke up in.

nagi no asukara chisaki semi-happyMeanwhile, Chisaki’s feelings are still scattered, but I don’t expect that to be fixed until a bit later. After all, she still hasn’t moved on from Hikari… The same can be said of Miuna; whatever happens to these two girls should prove to be pretty interesting in the next few episodes.

Before that, however, it seems like everyone will have to go Uroko hunting because we need to figure out what the hell is going on. If we could finally get some wonderful explanation about everything, it would definitely clear things up and it could get the plot going quickly enough to finish in 25 episodes. After all, we only have 4 episodes of this show left, and I’m pretty certain we’ll get at least some sort of closure, if not a complete one.

Tune in for next episode! 🙂

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