Nagi no Asukara episode 22: Uroko Hunt

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Everyone searches frantically for Uroko on the surface, while we learn of the increasing climate change occurrences happening in cities and Tsumugu continues to take care of his fish. Eventually, Hikari and Miuna find Uroko, who tells them that Manaka’s return will accelerate the end of the living World and that she cannot love anyone any more as payback for having left as her position of Ojoshi-sama.


A new plot twist! Yay! Just as the story surprised us at the halfway point with the tragic Ofunehiki ceremony, we got an extra surprise this episode by learning about Manaka’s lack of feelings. Small surprises like this one are one of the reasons why I fancy this show so much; although my story predictions so far have been mostly right, the show still finds a way to shock me with an extra twist which keeps me interested and intrigued as to the continuation of the story.

I did not think that Hikari would end up with Manaka in the end mostly due to all the environmental changes–which were caused by her return and wouldn’t be reversed unless she went back as the Ojoshi-sama–but I assumed she would sacrifice her own feelings rather than have no feelings at all. This turnaround makes it so that if she actually leaves, it would not be such a sad ending after all, since it would definitely be better this way for her instead of being unable to love anyone for the rest of her life.

nagi no asukara hikari runThe biggest loser of all this remains Hikari, who did his best to save her because he wanted her back with him, and in the end it is this rescue which caused her to forget how to love. This lack of feeling also explains why Manaka has forgotten about the fish incident and the hug with Hikari, as well as her blank expression from last episode.

Everything else that we heard had enough foreshadowing that I had pretty much figured it all out earlier than this episode. Despite this, I’m glad that we finally got the big environmental mystery out of the way, as we can now focus on the dramatic concerns which should arise from this change in climate. The similarities of the saltflake snow problem to global warming in our world is still incredibly striking and left me with an uncomfortable feeling, but its contemporary context still gives the show a good substance in comparison to other romantic dramas.

nagi no asukara rivalryConsidering that there are only 3-4 episodes left to this show in total, I assume that next episode will be the start of the climax which will remain with us until the end, or else I feel like the end would feel rushed. This means that romance lovers should get prepared,  because all the love triangles, drama and relations should soon conclude and finally give us winners and losers. From the first episode we were left with this question, and only at the end will we finally get some resolution… Maybe. That is, if we get an open ending leaving us a chance for a second season, that could be interesting too, even if I believe the show would end up dragging a bit too much.

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