Nagi no Asukara episode 23: How to Love Someone

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Miuna and Hikari tell the rest of their friends about Manaka’s condition, and an argument ensues about whether it would be a good thing or not for Manaka to have her feelings back. Sayu then proceeds to privately tell Miuna that she will confess to Kaname, while Tsumugu decides to return to his university for more research. Hikari, hearing of this, goes to him, and while they argue Chisaki arrives just as Tsumugu tells of his feelings for her, causing her to run away while Tsumugu chases after her.


We finally approach the end, which means that the string of confessions was bound to start somewhere – and, of course, Tsumugu had to be the one to do it (despite involuntarily).

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It probably would have taken him another 5 years to confess if Chisaki hadn’t caught him red-handed, with the way his personality works: his kindness knowing no bounds, he wouldn’t be able to tell her his feelings while she still likes Hikari, and Chisaki hates change too much for her to have done so quickly enough. There was no surprise either to Chisaki’s initial reaction to Tsumugu’s confession: literally running away and then saying “I’m scared” follows the exact pattern which I believed she would take. Now that her comfort zone has been shaken, however, there is a chance for Tsumugu to insert himself in there somewhere; he had a good idea to chase her so quickly without giving her a chance to think, and I expect Chisaki’s response to – eventually, anyways – be positive.

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Hey, their children can now live in the sea, too 🙂

Following up on the string of confessions next episode should be Sayu, who definitely seems to know what she wants. It was a fresh feeling to finally have her instead of Miuna at the front stage, especially since, unlike her best friend, she’s a confident little girl who isn’t afraid to follow her own feelings; this kind of personality truly reminded me of old Kaname and brought a freshness to the sea of indecision we’ve had over the course of the show’s second half. It was also entertaining to see Kaname’s reaction when she yelled at him: it felt like he suddenly realized that she was his own age and was entitled to an opinion. Whether that has a chance to turn into romantic feelings or not is left up in the air, but it definitely wouldn’t be a bad thing for it to happen.

And we also managed to get a pretty awesome blank face from him

And we also managed to get a pretty awesome blank face from him

Meanwhile, we’ve still got our poor little Hikari forced to loneliness and trying his best to cope with it. We still have a good 3 episodes left to this show, leaving Manaka a chance to find her feelings of love (which are obviously not turned towards Tsumugu), but I somehow keep getting this bad feeling that, even if she does get her feelings back, she won’t be going for Hikari after all and will sacrifice herself for the cause; that foreshadowing makes Hikari seem even lonelier and helpless – poor lil’ thing.

nagi no asukara manakaAs the show slowly comes to an end, we’re slowly starting to see all things resolved one after the other. I’m glad to see that we should probably get an actual ending to the show and not one that leaves us in the dust; the only fear that I have is that either the ending would be too cheesy, or too predictable. Maybe I’m just good at educated guesses, but it seems like from the beginning there was an idea as to how the show would end, despite the twists and turns. Anyhow, it wouldn’t make the show any less interesting, since it was one crazy ride to watch Nagi no Asukara; but still, I like being surprised, and when this show does it, it does it super well.

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