Nagi no Asukara episode 24: Confused Feelings

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Tsumugu completes his confession to Chisaki, and she runs away from him without being able to give a proper answer because, although she’s in love with him, she doesn’t want to admit it because she feels like it would betray Hikari whom she couldn’t see for 5 years. Up on the surface afterwards, Tsumugu points out to everyone that he felt that Manaka’s feelings were still in the sea, and from his suggestion everyone decides to prepare another Ofunehiki celebration with a wooden Ojoshi. Meanwhile, Sayu confesses to a heart-broken and lonely Kaname, who will start looking at her as a girl he could possibly love from now on.


Some days, I wish I was able to hide myself from the world around me in a split second. This way, I could have cried, smiled and laughed as much as this heart-throbbing episode deserved to when I watched this at school.

This episode was absolutely stunning and incredibly emotional. We are nearing the end of the show, and the incredible complexity of the characters has yet to show any irrealistic imperfections, and we see very well the amount of thought put into constructing these characters.  We saw this clearly in this episode, for example, when Chisaki ran away from Tsumugu despite having clear feelings for him, just like last episode when she ran from him after the confession. Heck, now she even wants to run from everything by becoming an Ojoshi, because that’s how much of a coward she is. Her personality is extremely complex for an anime character;if I wasn’t exactly like her I probably wouldn’t understand half of her actions.

nagi no asukara kaname sad smileThis complexity doesn’t simply apply to her: this episode, we got a glimpse of Kaname’s maturity, only to discover a surprising childishness to his actions. His love for Chisaki has been unrequited forever, and in the end he was never able to show her his sadness at her rejection because he was afraid himself of those feelings. His loneliness somehow surprised me, but considering that Kaname has always been excellent at hidings things from everyone else, it makes sense that he didn’t show any of his loneliness to anyone before. In this way, Sayu is a good match for him because she confronts everyone and everybody about their feelings, forcing them to acknowledge them and to let them out.

There is no question to the emotional nature of this episode: it was sad, happy, cute and dramatic, and fit with all of the characters’ personalities. What made this episode so much more heart-warming, however, is that we have been travelling along with these characters since episode 1. The beauty of their complexity was truly wonderful, but the realism of all the characters need to be taken into account as well; as we associate with them, as we find some elements of each character’s personalities in ourselves or in people around us, Nagi no Asukara literally allowed a complete understanding of the characters, and this is the reason why I believe this episode was so utterly emotional.nagi no asukara chisaki no like

Another reason why this episode was well done was because the scenes portrayed derived greatly from the conventional scenes. The one I think of in particular is Tsumugu’s confession scene; unlike the usually “I like you, will you please go out with me” traditional confession, we got a confession which was purely Tsumugu-original, in which he can read the other person’s feelings better than she can herself and tries to push her to stop being stubbornly afraid of change. The scene was completely relevant to both characters involved, purely original and yet still incredibly cute to watch. It just goes to show the dedication given to making the storyline and the characters plausible and incredibly realistic (the story is still cheesy as hell, but at least the characters are realistic…).

and finally, an Akira sulk face. Because it is that adorable.

and finally, an Akira sulk face. Because it is that adorable.

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