Nagi no Asukara episode 25: Truth Revealed

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Through the necklace holding Manaka’s feelings, we learn that before she forgot how to love, her feelings were for Hikari. Meanwhile, Tsumugu learns from Kaname of Chisaki’s feelings and settles things with her, and


…I knew this was going to happen.

I kept getting the feeling, more and more, that Miuna was going to be the one to leave instead of Manaka… Sometimes I hate to be right. Although she was a brat at first, I became extremely attached to Miuna over the course of the series, and to see her awesomeness turn into such a sad unrequited love in which she sacrifices herself for the sake of others is just extremely painful. She doesn’t deserve this…

But enough about sentimentality, because although this episode was absolutely great, I’m almost disappointed of the turnout, for the simple reason that it was an exact repetition of what we were presented with in episode 13. Not that it was bad, but I find the re-use of plot devices is becoming somewhat overwhelming in this show, especially the ideas of self-sacrifice and unrequited love. First Hikari, then Chisaki, Miuna, Sayu, Tsumugu, Kaname… It drove the show very well, especially since we didn’t know exactly who would end up with who, but to re-use the same plot device for the climax was a bit redundant. I have said often that the show is driven by its characters, and as true as this is, I also can’t avoid the few plot problems that are shown to us.

nagi no asukara miuna likeAnyways, the secret’s out! We finally know who Manaka used to like… It’s not that big of a surprise that Hikari was the winner over Tsumugu, considering the way things were going before the first Ofunehiki. This pretty much settles the last doubts we might have had in terms of the final couples; Chisaki and Tsumugu were set in stone a few episodes back, Kaname is giving a chance to Sayu (but unfortunately we won’t have time to see their relationship develop in the show), and now we know that Hikari will end up with Manaka in the end, not as a loner while everyone stays happy.

nagi no asukara miuna sacrificeAll that’s left to conclude for next episode is a little bit more closing time between Hikari and Manaka, and most of all the rescue of Miuna and the surface’s salvation. However they’re going to do that, I have no idea, but considering they only have one episode left I assume that they’ll go with a pretty easy reasoning which will simply conclude everything. None the less, this means that we should have a conclusion, leaving us with a pretty darn solid anime overall; but that’s all for later.

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