Nagi no Asukara episode 26 [Final]: The Power of Emotion

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After some short dramatic moment until Miuna wakes up and the Sea God realizes that he was a d*ck, everyone goes back to the surface and is happy about everything: such happiness. Wow.


I was hoping the show wouldn’t go over the top idealistic in the end – but it did. Oh well. Still worth watching.

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The show emphasized a lot more than I thought the power of emotion, whether negative or positive. Hikari’s speech on the selfishness of love, for example, truly embodied the whole feeling that was flowing through the show. With everyone’s feelings being torn apart the way they were, I can understand how Hikari may have given some thought to forgetting about love altogether; it would make sense, after all, to remove such pains altogether and just live on happily like Manaka did for a while. Not that I agree with the idea, but I thought it was different from the usual love-love bullshit that we usually get from teen RomComs, and it pleased me to see this pointed out.

nagi no asukara manaka akariNone the less, I can’t lie about this episode, and I must say that I was actually disappointed to see things turn out so well. Miuna’s return was to be expected, since the cycle of sadness had to be broken at some point (although I secretly hoped for a tragic ending), but I didn’t think every half-blood would suddenly start spouting Enas out of nowhere and go back to the sea. After all, if that was possible, it would have definitely happened much earlier than this; if at least the show had tried giving a decent explanation such as “the calmness of the sea brought back the Enas” or something cheesy like that, I would have accepted it a bit more, but right now I’m sad to say that this was a pretty bad enough plot flaw that it disappointed me.

Also, this clear re-use of Hikari's and Manaka's character designs leaves me in awe.

Also, this clear re-use of Hikari’s and Manaka’s character designs leaves me in awe.

Overall, although I smiled throughout the whole second half of the episode, I was still a bit saddened that the anime ended in such a cheesy way. Although the show enjoyed its cheesiness, it also greatly enjoyed its drama, and so to see it turn super cheesy without any drama at the end made it feel like it was missing something – I almost got the feeling that the director simply did it because it would be easier this way to give the anime some closure without putting in too much effort… And that’s disappointing.

nagi no asukara miuna prettyDespite this, I can’t say the ending was overall terrible; Hikari, Miuna and Manaka still gave us quite the episode, and I liked the idea of humanizing the sea into a being actually able to feel and make mistakes. This, in addition to the last scene, truly got the point in me of the importance of feelings; the moral was a good one, and worked well with the show despite being a little cheesy on the edges (ok, a lot). Overall, we got good closure for a show in which 26 more episode would have satisfied me even more, and I am glad to have watched it all the way through. I have a lot more things to say about this, but that will have to follow in the Overall Review (link to follow soon!).

…*sob* I didn’t want this show to end…

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