Nagi no Asukara episode 3: Cluster of Emotions

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Oh man, the feels! This episode was awesome.

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Slowly, but surely, we can slowly start to see where the plot will go. As I wished it would happen, this slice of life will definitely have tons of drama, character development and societal conflicts. The more I watch of it, the more into it I get. I almost cried twice this episode. This show is going exactly the way I want it to, and at this point I can barely imagine how they can make it fail. All characters have more than enough substance already to make a story simply by themselves. Now, add a good story to that, and I’ll be quite the happy camper.

nagi no asukara akari selflessI’ll admit, I didn’t expect Akari to be given that much air time with her relationship with the other guy. I thought she would simply leave Shioshishio and the story would move on to other things, like Manaka’s eventual moving out, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that she’s actually a big part in the arc that has just started. We learned a lot more about her in this episode, and I was truly in admiration of her selflessness. I hope that, this time, she ends up at least a little bit happy… Although it doesn’t seem like she will be able to, since the person she likes is most probably married.

That’s what seems to be the case, anyways. I sure hope that this is not simply a cliffhanger meant for us to freak out for nothing; I know it’s a technique used by many producers, but it gets annoying after a while and the cliffhangers become a lot less interesting. This show is good, however, so I still have my doubts that it will go as cliché as that; however, I hope Akari will turn out fine in the end. Will the show turn out the dramatic route and have her boyfriend married, or will they go the cliché route and have him a single dad? Honestly, at this point, I’d be a little sad that producers choose the second route but I would most probably still love the show.

nagi no asukara hikari reflectsMoving on, our little group of friends is already starting to grow up! At least, Hikari has most definitely started doing so. The way he was reflecting on his actions, the way he apologized to the grandpa, those were all signs of his character development, and I was really happy about it. We can see that he still clearly has a long way to go, but I’m already starting to love him more than when he was just an immature brat. Now he’s a immature brat who reflects on things, at least. Now that it’s pretty obvious that Manaka likes Tsumugu, I wonder if he’ll let her leave, or if he’ll realize his own feelings for her… It would be way too sad for him to end up with nothing in the end. He’ll definitely be playing a big part on what happens with his sister; I’m curious to watch more about it.nagi no asukara cry

In the end, we’ve also opened up a new theme this episode: will Shioshishio be able to survive as a village? Since hybrids are born without Enas, the way I see it, the village won’t have a choice but to eventually close down… Like Akari said, there are not many single boys in the village, so it’s normal that ladies will go for people on land… Man, the drama in this show is going to be ridiculous. Nagi no Asukara may have really bright art, but I feel like the story won’t stay as bright for much longer… But I love it. 

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