Nagi no Asukara episode 4: Brats Fighting

nagi no asukara sushi plate


After an argument where we learn that Akari’s boyfriend is in fact widowed, Hikari then gets into a fight with his classmates who will not accept food which Manaka offers. He then accuses them of destroying their Ojishi, but it turns out that they were not the culprits and so in the end he apologizes to them sincerely and they somewhat become friends.


This week was somewhat of a slower episode; no less lower in quality, however I’ll admit the topic of it got me a tad disinterested.

The whole concept of Hikari fighting off against the bullies who tripped up Manaka’s sushi plate wasn’t in my scope of interests very much. I mean, according to the way the story is going, and how the characters are at this point in time, it was clearly a very logical thing to see happen in the show, and I don’t really have anything against it apart from the actual idea of it; I don’t care much about petty kid drama. But anyways… I’ll forget this bias for now and analyze this as best as I possibly can.

nagi no asukara hikari stubbornIt seems like Hikari still has such a long way before he can become someone mature enough to enter the adult world. He climbed one step to maturity, here are 99 more to go! One day he’ll become a cool person. Meanwhile, he’s just an immature brat who yells at everyone as soon as they so much as talk to him. I liked Tsumugu’s statement to describe the situation very much: “I don’t want everyone to misunderstand Hikari just because he misunderstands everyone.” Really now, that was one hell of a misunderstanding that Hikari caused, and he’ll have to understand soon enough that if he doesn’t listen to what people say, he definitely won’t get a positive answer. His problem caused a lot of bullshit for no reason; I’m glad that’s over.

Plot-wise, this episode felt more like a side-story than anything else. Granted that it was important for Hikari and the others to become friendly with people of their class, I don’t think that it was really so related to last episode at all; the chronological order this episode was placed in seemed quite awkward. I was expecting Akari to have a huge storyline this week, but apparently that will have to wait; whatever will happen to her and her future husband (since we now know his ex-wife’s dead), we will only know in the later days (hopefully not too far from now). The only link I could make were the two kids who destroyed the Ojoshi and just so happened to be related to Akari’s boyfriend, but it almost feels like a pitiful excuse in order to have bullshit drama so that Hikari can grow. nagi no asukara brats

And what of the rest of the group? Manaka is growing up faster than one could imagine, Kaname is still the stoic observer of the bunch, and Chisaki seems to have her immature self break through the image of parenthood she wanted to give. It shows that she deeply cares for Manaka and Hikari, to a point where I feel she will be destroying herself and others very soon due to a lack of confidence. The last scene of this week’s episode tells me that she is not someone who is very forward, and the day she breaks down will be one hell of a destruction. nagi no asukara chisaki headPretending to be mature only works for a while… She’s also still a kid on the inside. Personally, with this week’s dialogues I now feel that Chisaki will be my favourite character of the group; trying to be mature when you’re really not, I can somewhat understand this myself, and I’m curious to see how she will turn out.

Next episode, we will see… Um… Something. Akari…Maybe? Honestly, I have no idea what will happen next episode. See you then!

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